July monthly recap and goals for August

End of the month- July
Goals for August

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Holy cow, how is it already August?  
The month of July just flew by!!

It was a pretty fun and busy month!

nashville fireworks, nashville, family

We went to Nashville to view the fireworks,
just like we've done in years past!

We made a trip to Gulf Shores!
We had a wonderful time!

We did a little swimming!
That's the only comfortable thing you can do outside 
during a Nashville summer!

Even though it's a jillion degrees outside, 
the yardwork must be done!

There's something so therapeutic about being outside,
digging in the dirt.



A recap of She's Crafty posts in July.

I updated my about me page.



Things that inspired me from 
around the internet in July.

Source:  Cottonwood Acres

Source:  Design Dazzle



A look back at my July goals,
and what goals I'm setting for August

*Most of my goals went out the window in July.
Summer, vacations, and a few illnesses got
the best of me.

So I'm setting some new goals to hit hard in August!

Develop a simple exercise routine that I can do daily.
Get a massage- a girl has got to take care of herself!
Go to bed earlier
Read at least 1 self improvement book
Write in journal-I love getting my thoughts out of my head
and onto paper.

paint Addi's room
paint kitchen table
get a new rug for kitchen
and new curtains for dining room

Get into a good school routine.  School starts August 9.
Plan a vacation for Fall Break in October
Plan parent dates for each of our kids, near the end of the month
to see how each of our kids are
handling the start of school

develop a good blog workflow
use social media better- including scheduling posts
use Pinterst more, especially group boards