Friday, June 1, 2018

25 ways to make the rest of 2018 your best year yet

We are 6 months in to 2018!
How is this year going for you?

If it's not going great, 
or even if it is, 
here are easy ideas to make 2018 your best year yet!

25 ways to change your life in 2018

If you've ever felt unhappy and powerless
to change things in your life,
this post is for you!

You don't need anyone to
change your life for you.
You can make yourself
feel better

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You have the power 
to be happy!
You have the power 
to change anything!
These suggestions can help you on the way!

Move more.
Park further away at the store.
Walk around while you're on the phone.
Do squats while brushing your teeth.

Goals for 2018, drink more water, metal water bottle

Drink more water.
Drink a full glass when you wake up.
Keep a water bottle near at all times.
Take a water bottle with you in the car.
I love these metal water bottles*
to keep my water cold!

Connect with people in person.
Invite a friend to lunch.
Have a family over for dinner.
Go for a walk with your neighbor.

Get up earlier in the morning.
Have some time to yourself before
your family gets up.
Make goals for the day.
Decide how you want your day to go 
and set your day in order.

Stop saying can't.
Stop saying shouldn't.
Rid your vocabulary of limiting beliefs.
Concentrate on the things you CAN do!

Goals for 2018, read more books

Read more.
Check out books from the library.
Borrow good books from friends.
Visit a used book store.
Study a topic that interests you and 
increase your knowledge.

Spend quality time with family or friends.
Play board games.
Use questions to start conversations.
Put your phone down and spend time together.

Go to bed earlier.
My mom used to say that nothing 
good happens late at night.
I totally agree.
Instead of staying up late to
watch Netflix or scroll the internet,
go to bed and get the rest you need.

Develop a positive morning routine.
Say nice things to yourself.
Be grateful.
Drink a glass of water.
Start your day off on the right foot.

goals for 2018, develop a hobby, gardening

Find a fulfilling hobby.
Take pictures.
Do a craft.
Do a bullet journal.
Learn creative lettering.
Paint pictures or furniture.
Sew or crochet.
Develop interests and things to look forward to!

Say positive affirmations.
I am enough.  I do enough.
I am brave.
I am strong.
I am capable.
I am the mother my children need.
Saying nice things to yourself doesn't make 
you prideful.  It can help you to feel better.
And when you feel better, you can do better.

Cultivate gratitude.
Be fiercely grateful for everything in your life.
Focus on everything you have!
Develop a habit of recording
what you're grateful for daily.

Develop a cleaning routine.
No matter how much you clean,
there will always be more to do.
Develop a schedule to work on
things daily.

Create a win list.
Keep a daily list of everything you do right.
It's easy to remember all the times we've screwed up.
At the end of the day,
write the good stuff down and 
give yourself a pat on the back.

goals for 2018, listen to podcasts, favorite self help podcasts

Listen to inspiring podcasts.
My favorites are:
Next Level Life 
The Life Coach School
Better than Happy
Oprah's Super Soul Conversations
About Progress
Therapy Thoughts
Beyond Good Intentions
Talk to me Tayla

Plan a vacation and start saving.
Give yourself something to look forward to.
Save $5 a week.

Pray more.
Communicating with our Father in Heaven
helps us to be grateful and keep things in perspective.

Prioritize your time.
No matter how much you do,
you will never get it all done.
Make sure you're spending your time 
doing the most important things.

Live your dreams, not anyone else's.
Do the things
that are most important to you.
Don't live your life for anyone else.

Goals for 2018, write in journal

Write in your journal.
Set goals.
Record your gratitude.
Write about what went right.
Pay attention to your thoughts,
get them out of your head, 
and give them a place to go.

Stay off social media.
If you can't stay off, set some strict time limits.
It's easy to compare our
behind the scenes to what is shown
on the internet.
Take a break!

Pay bills on time.
Open bills as you receive them.
Write down the due dates.
Even better- automate as much as you can,
so payments come out of your bank account automatically.

goals for 2018, make your bed

Make your bed every day.
You'll have accomplished one thing right off the bat 
which starts your day off on the right note.

Put money in a savings account.
Get into a habit of saving,
even if it's only $5 at a time.

Use a meal plan.
You'll be able to shop for items needed.
You'll always know what's for dinner.
You'll be able to save money
from not resorting to take out.


We each have the power to 
make ourselves happy!

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