The Best Mother's Day Gift Ever- Mom Photo

If you're feeling the pressure to find the perfect gift for the mother in your life, I have the best idea ever!  I know it's the best- because it was given to me!  My husband got Crafty and surprised me with the Best Mother's Day Gift Ever - A Mom Photo.

Mom Photo - aka the best Mother's Day Gift ever!

For Mother's Day, almost any mom wants, ok I can't speak for everyone, what I want on Mother's Day is to be thought of and remembered for the hard work I do as a mom.  Although I love my kids fiercely, being a mom is by far the most challenging job I've ever had.  But even on the rough days, I feel so blessed that I am a mom to my 3 babes!  

On Mother's Day 7 years ago, my husband gave me the sweetest gift ever.  He took my 3 favorite little people, and found a creative way to take a picture of each of them with the letters M O M.  He pulled up some letters in a word processing program on my computer and sat each of my kids in my chair and took a photo of them.  He then printed the photos, put them in a frame, and presented it to me for Mother's Day!

Take photos of kids with M O M as gift for Mother's Day

I was so touched by his efforts!  It was such a thoughtful and creative gift!  Not only that, he has continued to gift me with these MOM photo gifts every year since.  I have a collection of 6 mom photos hanging on the wall in my office.  I love seeing how much my kids have grown from year to year.

Give the yearly gift of Mom photos for Mother's Day - the best mother's day gift ever

This gift is really easy to do and costs next to no money.  Just because a gift is thoughtful, does not mean it has to be expensive.  Effort trumps expense every day! 

Give the yearly gift of Mom photos for Mother's Day - the best mother's day gift ever

I look at these Mom Photos almost every single day.  I see my sweet kiddos faces and the effort my husband went to, to do something creative for me for Mother's Day.  

This Mom Photo really is the Best Mother's Day Gift Ever!

Give mom the best gift ever - a photo frame with photos of her kids

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