Growth Mindset quotes with free printables

Mindset is everything.  Really it is.  I've been doing a ton of reading and research into about the impact our mindset plays in our overall happiness.  I have learned that when something happens to ruin our day or hurt our feelings, it's not the things that happen to us, it's how we think about them.

While I know these things, I don't always remember when I am in the thick of something upsetting or frustrating.  So I made a bunch of my favorite Growth Mindset Quotes into printables that I can hang around my office and I'm offering them to you for free!

Growth Mindset Quotes with free printables


First of all, what is a mindset?  A mindset is a group of beliefs about yourself and your most basic qualities.   Carol Dweck, a leading researcher in the area of mindset says that the view you adopt about yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life.   For more information, use these 4 steps to help you change your mindset.

In a nutshell, if you want to change your mindset, or make your attitude better, you're going to have to update old patterns of thinking.   Doing this is not easy because your way of thinking is habitual.  Changing any habit takes a ton of effort.  But the beauty of that is that it can be done.  Any work done to improve your thinking and your mindset is time well spent.  Thoughts lead to feelings which lead to actions.  So the more we work on forming new ways of thinking in our brains, the more we change the outcome of our feelings and actions.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is a knowing that you don't automatically have to accept the information you think.  You can think something different.  For example, your blog, which you put a ton of work on writing, doesn't get the traffic that you think it should.  You consider not blogging any more because it's a big waste of time and isn't going anywhere.  (Not that I would ever think such things about my blog 😉) A growth mindset in this situation would be to think that you're blog hasn't done what you want to yet but you can keep trying and it will!  

Something that has helped me with my mindset is journaling.  I'm a big feeler.  Writing things down really helps me to have perspective on my feelings.

A growth mindset will always help you to have a better attitude, think better thoughts about yourself and about the people around you.  Sometimes we need a reminder, I know I definitely do.  So that is where the mindset printables come in.

Growth Mindset Quotes with Free Printables

To use these free printables, click on the link below the image that you want and download it.  Print the quote(s) that resonate with you to hang in your office, your mirror or even use as it as a bookmarks.  

Free Printable growth mindset quotes - life is great

Free Printable growth mindset quotes - attitude

Free Printable growth mindset quotes - figured out

Free Printable growth mindset quotes - joy quote

Free Printable growth mindset quotes -gratitude

Free Printable growth mindset quotes - fact or feeling

I threw in this quote because it so accurately depicts me and my control freak ways.  Make that recovering control freak, since I am working on my mindset, I no longer need to be a control freak.
Funny quotes and printables - flexible

I printed off the quotes and hung them around my desk and in my craft area as a reminder of the power I have over my mindset.

Growth Mindset printables

Growth Mindset printables in craft room  - hang with clothespins

Growth Mindset Quotes help me to remember my desire to be mindful of my attitude.  Grab your free printables today!

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