How to Make a Magnetic Advent Calendar for Christmas

It's December so the countdown to Christmas is on.  Actually if you're looking for a way to countdown to Christmas, I have a Magnetic Advent Calendar that is perfect for marking the days this month!

How to make a cute advent calendar for Christmas

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One thing that my kids love about Christmas, is counting down to the big day!  Several years ago, I made a magnetic advent calendar that we have used every year.  Well, it's about dang time I did a tutorial for one of our favorite parts of celebrating Christmas.

How to Make a Magnetic Christmas Advent Calendar

The best part of this calendar, and the entire reason I made it in the first place, is that it costs very little. Since I am an avid collector of craft supplies, I had most of these things in my craft stash!

Supplies used for magnetic advent calendar

All of the items I used are used from my craft stash.  I provided links for similar items.


  • Lay out 25 different pieces that can be used to mark numbers.  You can use paper, ephemera, buttons, cardstock shapes, snowflakes, etc.

Magnetic Advent Calendar for Christmas

  • Once you have the placement the way you like it, put a number on each one.  Use number stickers, puff paint, a sharpie, and/or number stamps to write the numbers and spell out some of the numbers.

Magnetic Advent Calendar for Christmas

  • Once you are done numbering all of the pieces, glue a piece of magnet strip to the back of each number.  The magnet strips are self adhesive, but the adhesive wears off.  Gluing with tacky glue ensures that the magnet stays attached. 

Magnetic Advent Calendar for Christmas - use magnet strips

  • Don't forget to make a header for the month of December.

Daily Advent Christmas Calendar - easy to make

Find a surface to stick your magnets onto.  I like to use a vintage silver tray or the front of my fridge.  Not all silver trays are magnetic, so be sure to test yours.

Advent Calendar to countdown the days until Christmas

This would make a really cute Christmas gift as well.  

Make this Advent Calendar for Christmas with supplies you probably already have on hand

Whipping up a Magnetic Advent Calendar for Christmas is pretty easy and can probably be made with supplies you have on hand!  It's such a fun way to count down the days until Christmas!