New Home Decor Ideas for Vintage Goods

If you've been here for any time at all, you know that I love all things vintage.  I especially love the collecting vintage pieces.  Since I have a rather large collection, I love to find new ways to use them.  So I put together a bunch of New Home Decor Ideas for Vintage Goods.

New Home Decor Ideas for Vintage Goods  |   Use these ideas to use your vintage collections in your home decor  |   She's Crafty

I have loved vintage things my entire adult life.  I remember the very first vintage piece I ever purchased.  I was at a thrift store with my mom and found a dilapidated suitcase.  It was in such bad condition it was falling apart, so of course, it was perfect!  The lady selling it said that she was about to dispose of it because of it's condition.  But it's condition was part of it's charm and I bought it.  I hauled it from house to house all of my adulthood until it actually did fall apart.  

New Home Decor Ideas for Vintage Goods

One of my favorite ways to use vintage goods now, is in unexpected ways.  I love taking a piece and re-imagining it into something else.  

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |   enamelware pots and yardsticks

Enamelware pots and Yardsticks

In my little craft closet, I used a bunch of vintage items.  In fact I had a blast finding new uses for everything.  On the top shelf, I used my collection of enamelware pots.  Enamelware was the first mass-produced American kitchenware.  Production began in the 1870s, and continued through the 1930s.  Items such as pots, kettles baking tins, and ladles were stamped from thin sheets of iron, steel, or aluminum, then coated with enamel, which was fused to the metal in a very hot ovenSee more here.  Now I use my pots to hold various crafty supplies like yarn and twine.  I cut words from vinyl to label the them.  Obviously I've gotten kind of lazy about keeping them straightened up.  

On the front of the shelves, rather than use molding, I used a collection of yardsticks.  I feel like it gives the shelves one of a kind personality!

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |   milk coolers

Milk Coolers

Milk cooler boxes are from the days when milkmen used to deliver milk to homes.  He would place the jugs inside insulated boxes, like the ones above, to keep them cool until they were taken inside the home.  

I found my collection of milk coolers, years ago at thrift stores.  I love the weathered metal and company logo on each of them.  I use my milk coolers for storage - like candles and faux flowers.  

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |  enamelware pitcher to hold kitchen utensils

Enamelware Pitcher

This pitcher is from my grandmother on my mom's side.  I picture her using it to serve lemonade to her children or to hold flowers from the garden.  I wish I had the story behind the pitcher.  Now I use it to hold kitchen utensils next to our stove.  

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |  chicken feeder to hold plants and succulents

Chicken Feeder Planter 

This chicken feeder was used for exactly what it says, to feed chicken.  The farmer who had this feeder, attached wooden feet to it.  I wonder why?  Maybe his chickens could reach it better when it was higher?  Whatever the reason, it adds personality to this piece.  I use it in my kitchen window to hold succulents.  When I first styled it, it held faux succulents, but I have replaced them with real ones.  The kitchen window is the perfect full sun place to display this piece.  

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |  soda crate to hold magazines

Soda Crate

I can't find much information, but I assume that crates like this were used to hold...soda bottles.  They were also used to haul groceries.  I love the bright graphic designs that usually accompany the crates.  I used my soda crate to hold magazines.  This crate used to overflow with all of the mags I had a subscription to.  Now, it holds my kids school work, random papers and mail that I want to look at later.  

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |  drying rack to hold hang to dry clothes

Drying Rack

This drying rack is actually used in my house for it's original purpose - to hold clothes that are drying.  This rack is from my grandmother on my dad's side.  She actually washed clothes by hand and dried them on this rack.  She was so hard core... she canned all of her own food.  I still remember the deliciousness of her home grown and canned grape juice.  She raised chickens.  She cooked and heated her house with a wood burning stove, IN UTAH, until my dad installed an electric stove and room heater in her house in the 90's.  She was awesome!  I'm reminded of her each time I do laundry and hang clothes to dry on her tack.

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |  suitcases for side table and storage


As I stated above, vintage suitcases were one of my first loves.  I imagine women packing their belongings gently into these gorgeous suitcases, then traveling the world by boat or train.  The process seems so romantic.  Now, suitcases have to be strong and indestructible to be able to handle the beatings they get from airlines.  My vintage suitcases, while not filled with clothes and taken on trips, are filled to the brim with home decor, that I like to rotate out as I'm making new vignettes.  I store them along side my couches and chairs to use as side tables.

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  |  wooden ladder to hold plants

Wooden Ladder

This ladder is very old and very rickety.  But back in it's prime, I'm sure it helped people paint their houses, reach high places in the barn and trim trees.  Now it can't be used for it's original purpose as it is missing several rungs.  But that just adds to the charm.  I use this ladder outside to hold plants.  I attached galvanized buckets to the rungs of the ladder with zip ties.  See more here.  

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  | mailbox door hanger for flowers

Metal Mail Box

I have lived in houses that still had mailboxes next to the front door.  But they were larger than this cutie that is hanging on my front door.  I love using this mail box as a door hanger to hold flowers on my front door.  It was originally chippy black, but I cleaned it up and gave it a coat of yellow spray paint. 

New uses for vintage goods in home decor  | doctors office jars for clothespins and bathroom essentials

Glass Jars

Glass jars are an easy thing to collect as they are so plentiful.  I especially love finding jars with tops, and graphic designs.  These jars must have come from a doctors office.  I love them so much!  I use them to store cotton balls and qtips in our master bath, and clothespins and other essentials in our lower bathroom.  

Finding new uses for vintage items is so much fun to do!  Look around at your pieces and see what you can use them for.  I'm sure you can find New Home Decor Ideas for Vintage Goods today!

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