Make a dry erase Daily Checklist for Kids

Are you struggling to get the basics done at your house?  If your house is anything like mine, even taking a shower takes an enormous effort, aka lots and lots of nagging by mom. (How in the world did we all used to all wake up and get out the door every day by 7:00 am?)  To help us get a few things (the basics) done each day I made a Dry Erase Daily Checklist.

Dry Erase Daily Checklist for kids   |  Make a daily check list for your kids using an old frame  |  She's Crafty

It feels like we've been stuck at home forever, and rather than getting the hang of our new normal, we've resorted to anarchy.  I'm expecting a hostile takeover at any point.  I mean if any of my kids want to cook, clean and take care of everyone all day, they TOTALLY can!  But since no one actually wants to do anything except watch Netflix, including me, I decided that we all need a reminder to get the basics done each day.

Like any good mom, I've made several chore charts through the years like a summer chore chart, a chore chart frame and even this oldie but goodie.  And we have a current chore chart that is working pretty well - I keep track of it in the notes of my iPhone and I text my kids what their chore is for the day.  But we needed a list that contained more than just chores, we needed a basic check list because lots of things were just not getting done - hello shower and teethbrushing, ew!

How to make a Dry Erase Daily Checklist for your Kids from an Old Frame

I decided to make a check list that can be checked off with a dry erase marker.  I dug through my stash of stuff and found this frame.  It's a weird size 7" x 14", but perfect for this project.

Use an old frame to make a daily checklist for kids

I ripped the backing paper off which revealed staples that held in the art and glass.

How to take apart an old framed piece of art and use the frame to make a daily checklist for kids

To take out the staples, I lifted them up with a flat head screw driver, then pulled them out with needle nose pliers.  Then I removed the cardboard back, the old artwork and the glass.  I cleaned the glass with glass cleaner and distressed the frame with sandpaper.  

How to take apart an old framed piece of art and use the frame to make a daily checklist for kids

Then I made a checklist on my computer.  I made one individualized for my kids.  But I also made a blank one for you to use for your kids.  Just right click and save it to your computer.  Then print it out and fill in the dots for your family and write their name at the top.  Then place it into a frame.   

Daily Checklist free printable  |  She's Crafty

Since I have 3 kids, I made 3 printables.  I attached them together then use the original artwork to mark how much needed to be trimmed for the printables to fit in the frame.   

Daily Checklist free printable  |  She's Crafty

The frame will be hung on the wall with a dry erase marker resting on top of it.  The idea is that my kids will mark the things they complete on their checklist.  Then I will check it at the end of the day to see that it's done.

Dry Erase Daily Check list for kids

Dry Erase Daily Check list for kids

It's kinda embarrassing to show the things that I put on my kids' list.  I mean how hard is it to remember to brush your teeth in the morning when you wake up and have dragon breath?  You would think it wouldn't be, but here we are with it on a stinking check list.

Dry Erase Daily Check list for kids using an old frame

My kids are thrilled to have the reminder of the things they need to accomplish in a day.  (That was sarcasm, in case the people in the back didn't understand.)  To tell you the truth, they were not excited to get this checklist.  But now they can't claim ignorance when I ask them if they've done what they need to for the day.  Haha!  #momoutsmartskids

Dry Erase Daily Check list for kids using an old frame

To recap, here are the steps:

How to make a dry erase daily check list for kids from an old frame

  1. Remove backing from frame and discard artwork
  2. Clean frame then paint and distress
  3. Clean glass and return to frame
  4. Download checklist printable
  5. Personalize checklist printable either by hand or on computer
  6. Print to the size of your frame
  7. Place checklist into frame
  8. Replace back, use dollops of hot glue to secure
  9. Hang on the wall
  10. Attach a dry erase marker

Today it's a check list, reminding everyone to brush their teeth and shower daily.  Tomorrow maybe I'll tackle "How to accomplish more than just playing video games 18 hours a day."  Just kidding, I'm not that brave.  As long as my kids accomplish their daily checklist, I will be happy!  I hope this Dry Erase Daily Checklist for kids from an Old Frame is a game changer!