6 Easy Summer Outfits for Moms

We are well into the lazy days of summer.  That combined with being stuck at home, since not much is open, has led to wearing lots of yoga pants, oversized T's and basketball shorts.  Maybe even a mumu thrown in for good measure.  So if you're like me and struggling to find something to wear that is cool (temp wise - it's July after all) and comfortable (ain't nobody got time for being uncomfortable) you've come to the right place.  I put together 6 easy Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms.

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas that are Cool and Comfortable

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Is it hot where you are?  It's SO hot in TN.  Like walk out the door and start sweating hot.  Like windows fog up in the evenings because it's 100% humidity outside hot.   And since I don't seem to go anywhere except to get groceries, I don't want to wear anything that isn't comfortable.  But I also want to look somewhat put together every day since that is a part of my self care routine, even when I'm not going anywhere.  I just feel so much better when I look better! 

I have an entire closet full of clothes so I challenged myself to put some outfits together that fit the summer criteria:  1. cool  and 2. comfortable.  Without even trying too hard, I came up with easy outfit ideas for summer.

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for Moms

Outfit #1 -  Denim Shorts with raw hem and Graphic T

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas that are Cool and Comfortable - raw hem jeans and graphic T shirts

I don't know how IG influencers get photos taken of themselves.  I felt so goofy taking this photo.  Anyway... I have been wearing some variation of this outfit almost every day this summer.  
  • Denim Shorts with a raw hem
  • Graphic T
My favorite tip for finding shorts that fit well and the length you want is to buy a pair a jeans that you like at Goodwill or another thrift store.  Try them on and mark where you want the hem to be with chalk.  Cut them off at the mark and run the jeans through a regular wash cycle.  For looser fitting jeans I like to cut them with enough hem to fold up once.  For skinny jeans, I cut them exactly where I want the hem to be.  I like the raw hem but if you'd like to, you can roll the hem and sew it.  

Outfit #2  -  Flowy skirt and plain T

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for moms that are Cool and Comfortable - flowy skirt and v neck t shirt

This outfit is a little bit dressy and a whole lot comfy.  
  • long flowy skirt
  • V neck fitting Tshirt
  • sandals
I found this long skirt at Plato's Closet.  You can get one similar here.  It's so comfy and flowy that it feels like pajamas!  It would look great with any Tshirt.  I really like Vneck shirts (these are fantastic and fit TTS) and these buckle sandals are my absolute favorite, most worn shoes!

Outfit #3  White Shorts and Chambray Shirt

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for moms that are Cool and Comfortable - white knee length shorts and chambray shirt

This outfit is a "dressier" outfit that I would wear for date night during the Summer.  I mean who can wear white pants as a mom, unless you're leaving home!  
  • white shorts
  • chambray shirt
  • sandals
The white shorts are cut off long pants.  I used the same process with the denim shorts above.  I bought well fitting white pants and then cut them off at knee length.  I paired them with a slightly oversized chambray shirt, similar here.  I purchased these sandals at a local boutique, similar here.

Outfit #4  Chino Shorts and T shirt

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for moms that are Cool and Comfortable - chino shorts and v neck T shirts

This outfit is a pulled together look, but is still really comfortable.

  • chino shorts
  • V neck t shirts
  • leather flip flops

Chino shorts are so comfortable - buy a size larger if you want extra comfort.  These Mossimo, knee length shorts are from Goodwill, but you could get some similar here.  These can be paired with a white or navy v neck T shirt (Universal Thread from Target, Time and Tru from Walmart are my favorite brands beside Amazon)  and leather flip flops (similar)

Outfit #5  Knit Skirt and T shirt

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for moms that are Cool and Comfortable - knit skirt and V neck T shirt

A knit skirt is essentially pajamas in a dressier form.  This is one of my favorite outfits of all.  I think I wear it at least once a week!  
  • striped knit skit
  • Tshirt or graphic shirt
  • flip flops

This striped skirt is from a boutique but you can find a similar one here.  I paired it with my basic v neck shirt that I wear almost every day.  When you find a brand that you like, buy a several in several different colors.  This outfit is paired with basic black flip flops or spice it up with glittery strap flippies.

Outfit #6   Lightweight Dress

6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for moms that are Cool and Comfortable - lightweight tiered dress

This is another outfit that is like pajamas but looks really good!  And it's also great for learning Come Follow Me in at home church!

  • lightweight dress
  • sandals
This gray/blue dress is Time and Tru from Walmart.  It was less than $14 and comes in several colors.  The tiers are very flattering on all body types.  These sandals are also Time and Tru from Walmart and cost less than $10.  This entire outfit cost less than $25!  Such an awesome deal!  You can get a similar dress here and sandals here.

6 easy summer outfits for moms that are cool and comfortable

Life is hard right now.  There is so much going on with social, political and health issues.  Getting dressed every day, in cool yet comfortable clothes, is something that helps me to feel better!  Having ideas for outfits is super helpful!  Hopefully you are inspired by these 6 Easy Summer Outfit Ideas for Mom with clothing that you have!