Fall Bucket List Dry Erase Frame

 Learn how to make and display a Fall Bucket List on a Dry Erase Frame.

Fall Bucket List on Dry Erase Frame

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It's September so that means all fall, all the time!  After and extra long summer, I've been SOOO looking forward to fall!  Even though it's still very HOT here in TN, I say bring on Fall!

First thing you need to do in fall is make a Fall Bucket List.  I mean, how will you know what activities to do without one?  j/k I know it's not necessary, but it's lots of fun to have things to look forward to and check off.  

How to Make a Dry Erase Fall Bucket List

I have made several Bucket Lists in the past, like this for fall and this Christmas one, so I'm an expert.  haha.  For this bucket list, I wanted it to be erasable and customized to the things we like to do as a family.  

Dry Erase Fall Bucket List

How to Make a Dry Erase Board from a Photo Frame

  • First things first, I grabbed a large empty picture frame from my stash.
  • I took the back off and removed the glass so I could paint the frame.  
  • Once the paint was dry, I sanded it a bit to give it that distressed look that I love.  
  • Then I hot glued the glass to the frame like this.  This frame is long and skinny, about 11" x 20", so it's the perfect size to make a vertical list.  
  • Trace the title Fall Bucket List from printable below, with a sharpie.
  • Write the bucket list activities underneath the title.

Fall Bucket List printable for fonts

I made a Fall Bucket List printable with several fonts I like and printed it on regular printer paper.  I placed the printable underneath my prepared photo frame, and traced my chosen font directly onto the glass with a sharpie.  

To download your own copy of the printable, right click on the image above.  Save it to your computer.  Then print it out on standard printer paper.

dry erase board from photo frame

When you're ready to remove the sharpie, or if you make a mistake, the sharpie comes right off with a slightly wet magic eraser.  Easy Peasy!

Fall bucket list dry erase frame

Write out all of your bucket list activities.  If you don't want to free hand like I did, you can print out your list and trace it.  

Use a sharpie on a glass frame for dry erase board

The reason I used a sharpie is that it doesn't smudge once the ink is dry.  If I had used a dry erase marker, the writing wouldn't have looked as neat and it would have wiped off super easily.

Dry Erase Frame for Fall bucket list

And that's how easy it is to make a Dry Erase Board from a Picture Frame!  Then you can hang it where you want it using command velcro.  

Hang dry erase picture frame with command velcro

Hanging Tip:  With an item as narrow as this frame is, I cut the command velcro in half horizontally.  I'm not sure that is how the makers of command velcro intended for them to be used, so if you do this, make sure to use several sets to secure your frame to the wall.

Fall decor with fall bucket list dry erase frame

Fall Home Decor was the name of the game so I grabbed things around my house to decorate my shelves  around the Fall Bucket List Dry Erase Frame.  I looked in my stash and found a bunch of red, green and wood tones.  On the top shelf I used some vintage cans with some faux billy balls, a green tool box and a wooden box. 

Fall Home Decor - Shelf Decor

On the bottom shelf I placed some pumpkin stems in a vintage jar.I also grab some thrifted amber glasses and placed some leaves I cut off of the tree in front of my house. A stack of dishes and a vintage scale complete the shelf with the Fall Bucket List Dry Erase frame tucked underneath the set shelves.  

Fall shelf decor with dry erase frame

My Fall Bucket List Dry Erase Frame fits in perfectly with the first bit of my fall home decor.  I am so looking forward to this season!  

Supply List for Fall Bucket List Dry Erase Frame and Shelf Decor