Jack O' Lantern Succulent Planters for Halloween

 Learn how easy it is to put together Jack O' Lantern Succulent Planters from dollar store candle holders.

Jack o Lantern Succulent Planter DIY

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Ready or not, here comes all of the fall posts.  I could not be more excited!  My mind is spinning with all of the things I want to make and ideas for decorating my home!  Don't forget to follow along on IG.

I was perusing the dollar store last week and came upon the cutest jack o lantern candle holders.  And I just knew they were meant to come home with me!  So they did of course.  And once I got them home, I decided to replant some of my succulents into them.

Jack o Lantern Jar from dollar tree

How to make a Jack O' Lantern Jar Succulent Holder

Like always, the first thing to do on any project is gather supplies.  I mean a normal person would gather supplies first, but I'm more of a wing it kinda gal.  I usually start a project without all of the supplies I need.  Make a trip to the store to get more supplies and buy supplies for other projects and forget the original project.  Don't be like me - gather supplies first!  :)

I already had succulents that desperately needed to be replanted.  But if you don't, you could easily get some at a nursery or use faux ones.    

Other supplies needed

succulents in enamelware pots

These poor succulents were growing out of their pots so it was the perfect time to replant them!  

  • I placed pebbles in the bottom of each jack o' lantern jar to help the succulents drain easier.  Then filled it about 2/3 of the way full with cactus potting mix.  Cactus potting soil dries quickly to help the succulent not sit in wet soil.  They do not like to be wet - hence the pebbles too.
  • I took the succulents out of the old pot and separated the individual plants.  I removed the dead leaves and knocked most of the old dirt off of the roots.

Succulent Holders in Jack O' Lantern Jars

  • I made a well and placed the succulents into the cactus potting soil inside the jack o'lantern jar.  I lightly pushed the plant into the dirt and placed more potting soil around the plants.  

Jack o' Lantern Jar succulent Planters for Halloween

These darling jars would look so so SO cute lined up on your kitchen table, in the window seal (you know succulents love light), on a shelf or even hanging from a hook!   

Halloween Jack o'lantern succulent planter

There are so many possibilities for displaying these fun, seasonal little cuties!  I am looking forward to all of the display options.  And when Halloween is over, I can turn the jack o' lantern face around and display these as simple pumpkin planters.  So Cute!  

This week I'm in a super fun Creative Halloween Crafts blog hop!  SO be sure to check out all of the fun Halloween posts to get your creative Halloween juices flowing!  

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