Friday, September 27, 2019

Halloween Jack O' Lantern Treat Jars

The other day I popped into TJ Maxx to grab a few things.  I happened to wander down the Halloween aisle, where I saw a candy jar with a pumpkin face.  I promptly put that little cutie in my cart and headed for the check out.  Then I remembered that I have a million jars in my stash and maybe it would be a little irresponsible to buy another one, even if it was the cutest pumpkin jar ever!

After walking out of the store empty handed,  I knew I had to make a pumpkin jar (or 6) to display in my house.

Jack O' Lantern Treat Jars - Make these easy pumpkin treat jars with supplies you probably have on hand

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I could not stop thinking about that cute pumpkin jar.  When I got home, I stepped into my craft room and saw the jars (and all of my other thrifty treasures) that I had just rescued from the thrift store.   I knew they would be perfect!

Goodwill thrifting haul - vintage books, glass jars, cash drawer, ruler

I put those new/old jars, and a few other ones from my stash, to work!

How to make Pumpkin Face Treat Jars

These jars are so simple.  You can probably find everything you need to make them without going to the store.

Steps for making a pumpkin jar

  • With a pencil, draw a pumpkin face on the paper backing of the vinyl.  If you've ever carved a pumpkin with a jack-o-lantern face, then you can easily draw faces.  Google pumpkin faces to get ideas, if needed.

How to draw a pumpkin face on vinyl

  • Cut out the face pieces and stick onto jars.

Pumpkin face candy jars - farmhouse Halloween

If you don't want to cut your own vinyl, you could use pumpkin face sticker sheets from Hobby Lobby.  

pumpkin face stickers from Hobby Lobby

  • Fill jars with candy or other jar fillers.  Colored rice would be so cute.  I think I'll be whipping up an orange and black batch.

Pumpkin face candy jars - farmhouse Halloween

  • I filled the jars with cream pumpkins and candy corn.  No one really likes them (except me) so the jars will stay filled.  When it gets closer to Halloween, I'll probably add other candy.

Pumpkin face candy jars - farmhouse Halloween

Pumpkin face candy jars

I made several jars and placed them all together on my farmhouse shelving unit.

Pumpkin face treat jars on farmhouse shelving unit - farmhouse Halloween

Halloween Pumpkin Face Candy Jars |  These candy jars are a breeze to whip up and look good to store your Halloween treats

Halloween Pumpkin Face Treat Jars  |  Whip up these easy pumpkin treat jars with supplies you probably have on hand


  1. These are just too stinking cute!

  2. They are so cute and what a great subtle touch of Halloween/fall added to your home decor!

  3. These pumpkin jars are so cute, Candice... and so easy too! Thanks for sharing at Tuesday Turn About!

  4. What a fantastic idea. I'm thinking they woild make good candle holders too.


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