How to color Rainbow Rice for a table centerpiece

I'm always looking for fun projects that won't break the bank.  This one definitely checked both of those boxes.  How to Dye Rainbow Rice for a Table Centerpiece using items in your pantry.

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Guys, my rainbow obsession continues.  See Rainbow Pom Pom Wall Hanger, Lighted Rainbow Fabric Banner and Rainbow Wooden Table Runner.  I can't seem to help being drawn to bright and happy colors after a long winter.  Rainbows make me so happy!  I just want to have that happiness all over my house.  

How to Color White Rice in Rainbow Colors

It's super easy to color rice!  You probably have everything you need in your pantry!

Supplies Needed to Color Rice

Supplies and DIY directions for coloring rice

Directions for Coloring Rice

Put 1 cup of dry rice in a bowl.
Add food coloring for each color:

  • Red - 15 drops
  • Orange - 17 drops of yellow, 4 drops of red
  • Yellow - 15 drops
  • Green - 15 drops
  • Blue- 17 drops
  • Purple - 15 drops of blue, 10 drops of red

DIY Directions for coloring rice with food coloring to make Rainbow Rice

Sprinkle a few drops of vinegar onto the drops of food coloring.  Stir until completely combined and no white grains appear.

How to Color Rice with Food Coloring and Vinegar - Rainbow Rice

Spread colored rice onto wax paper lined cookie sheet.  Allow to dry for several hours.  I separated the colors with plastic straws.  I also used a small fan aimed at the drying rice to speed up the process.

How to color rice in Rainbow colors

Every 30 minutes or so I fluffed the rice with a fork to make sure it wasn't clumpy and was drying evenly.

Instructions for coloring rice with food coloring - Rainbow Rice

To Make a Rainbow Rice Table Centerpiece

Use any clear glass vase.  I used one from my stash.

How to make a table centerpiece with Rainbow colored Rice

Layer the colored rice starting with purple.  Pat down each layer carefully to differentiate the colors.  

Easy and Inexpensive way to make a table centerpiece with Rainbow colored Rice

Repeat each color until they are all in the vase.  Then you can add flowers or any other item to the top of the rice.  

Easy and Inexpensive way to make a table centerpiece with Rainbow colored Rice

I used some bush clippings from my yard to display with the Rainbow Rice.

Bush Clippings in table centerpiece with Rainbow colored Rice

I added the Rainbow Rice Table Centerpiece to the Rainbow Wooden Table Runner I made earlier this week.

How to color rice in rainbow colors to make a Super Cute Table Centerpiece

If you are looking for a cute table centerpiece for a St Patrick's Day party or any festive Spring occasion, color regular old rice in Rainbow Colors and then layer them in a vase.  It makes a fun Spring Table Centerpiece!

How to color rice in Rainbow Colors to make an Easy and Inexpensive Table Centerpiece