Wooden Candle Holder for fall

 Check out this post to see how easy it is to make a wooden candle holder for Fall or any other season.

Wooden Candle Holder for Fall

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Ok.  I've been seeing super cute candle holders all around the internets and just wanted one for myself.  So of course I do what I always do, I figured out how to make it myself!

How to Make a Wooden Candle Holder for Fall

First of all, I went to my home away from home (other than the craft store) Lowes to get some wood.  I stood in the aisle contemplating what size:  2" x 4", 4" x 4", "2" x 6"?  And then I found an 8ft piece of wood for only $3.48!

wood at Lowes to make a wooden candle holder

Seriously... you should have seen me high kneeing it out of the store.  I felt like I had robbed them and wanted to get out of there before they changed their mind on the price.  Less than $4 is soooo cheap!  I took the 2" x 3" home and cut it down with my miter saw into 2 - 12 inch pieces and an 8 inch piece.  I'm saving the rest of the piece of wood for another project.

ryobi power tools and wood

Since I bought inexpensive wood, it had A LOT of imperfections.  So I used my handy dandy sander to sand them all off.  This is an important step that my impatient self usually skips.  But I persevered and my work was rewarded with wood that was easy to work with.

Drill holes in wood to make candle holder

After the wood was as smooth as buttah, I used a paddle bit to drill holes evenly spaced in the wood.  The 3/4 inch size of paddle bit made a hole that was pretty much the perfect size for a 4" taper candle stick.

Use sand paper to sand holes for candles

After drilling, I used small pieces of sand paper to smooth the holes a bit.  After wiping the entire wood piece with a wet rag, it was time for paint.  

Use craft paint or stain to paint wooden candle holder

I used a smaller craft brush to get paint into the holes, then used a little larger brush to paint the rest of the wood.  

Stain or paint wooden candle holders

I used 3 different finishes in the candle holders I made.  I used the black craft paint (above), a color of green latex paint (that I had custom mixed) and my fave wood stain color.  I like them all, but that green just has my heart! Let me know if you want the formula to get green paint this color.

Green painted wooden candle holder

I stuck the 4 inch candles into the holes.  Some were a teensy bit wobbly.  I just pushed a little bit harder on the candle to make them stand up securely.  You could also drop a bead of hot glue in the hole to keep them stable. 

Wooden candle holder painted green

Then I lit the candles!  I just love the look of this candle holder with the wax dripped down.

wooden candle holder table centerpiece

On my dining room table, I placed a shutter and some fallen leaves from my yard.  Then I added the Wooden Candle Holder to make the perfect centerpiece for Fall.  Also, check out the Fall Bucket List in the back ground!  This entire things makes such a warm and cozy vignette for fall