Twig Brooms - easy and FREE Halloween Decor

 Learn how to make easy and FREE Halloween Décor - Twig Brooms.

Free and easy Twig Broom Halloween decor

When it comes to decorating your home for the holidays and especially Halloween, it can be very easy to spend a lot of money.  There are cute pumpkins at Home Goods, must have Dollar Spot items and the blow ups from Lowes are very inciting.  If you're not careful, (Or if I'm not careful) it is easy to spend a fortune!  

In years past, I have gone way overboard with faux and real pumpkins, corn stalks, spooky items, hay bales, blankets, throw pillows etc.  So this year I challenged myself to not buy any Halloween decorations.  Ok, minus a few things I picked up for my son's Halloween Shelfie, but since it was for him, it doesn't really count!  :)

That left me with the need to be creative...which is my specialty.  I gathered inspiration from Pinterest and looked around my yard and figured out a way to make twig brooms.  

How to make FREE twig brooms

How to Make FREE Twig Brooms

Twig broom directions - gather small twigs

Gather small twigs and cut them to about 6 inches long.  Remove all the stems and buds from the bottom 2/3's of the twigs to make them easier to gather together.

Cut a large stick for twig brooms

You also need a stick that's at least an inch around and about 3 feet long.  The curvy imperfect sticks looks great!  If you can't find a stick, you can use a wooden dowel.  

How to make a twig broom for Halloween - gather twigs

Gather the twigs in your hand.  Place the stick handle in the center of the twigs and cover the stick with twigs.  

How to make a twig broom for Halloween - gather twigs, wrap twine around

Wrap twine or jute tightly around the twigs, holding them together and holding the stick handle in place.   Tie off the twine.  Then trim the twigs if necessary.  If the twigs won't stay together, you can run some hot glue around the twine to keep them in place.

Twig Brooms for Halloween decor

Repeat the process to make a collection of several twig brooms.  I mean, once you have all the stuff out and have spread twigs all across your deck, you may as well make a bunch.  Oh and your dog will probably want to eat all of the sticks.  My dog ran off with one of my brooms and I had to chase her through the yard.  

brooms from twigs for halloween decoration

I gathered all of my twig brooms into a large metal planter.  I stuffed grocery sacks and water bottles into the bottom of it to keep the brooms in the right place.  I covered them with a stem of faux leaves.

Twig brooms gathered in a planter with broom parking sign

I glued a magnet onto a small Broom Parking sign I made last year and stuck it to the metal planter.  IT makes the perfect holder and décor piece to add to my Halloween decorations.   I also think they would looks so cute hanging from a peg rack of hooks down a hall.  So fun!  

Whip up a bunch of Twig Brooms today with items easily found in your yard!