How to Hang and Style Reclaimed Wood Display Shelves

If you're looking for something to do with that leftover wood in your garage, these Wooden Display Shelves are the perfect project.  

How to make and style Reclaimed Wood Display Shelves- pinterest pin.

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Decorating our house is totally my jam and I like to switch things around often!  In order to not spend a jillion dollars on new décor, it requires that I reuse the things I already have.  

I needed, yes  n e e d e d  to do something different with the wall in my dining room.  I have done several different shelves in there but wanted to do something else.  And I wanted a place to display some of the awesome things I've thrifted!

Reclaimed Wood Shelves

Early last year I made 3 Reclaimed Wooden Shelves that were being stored in my garage. I decided to hang them on the wall as display shelves.  

How to Hang Shelves on the Wall with Anchors

I grabbed some of these L brackets and drywall anchors also from the garage and got busy hanging the shelves.  Now I'm not going to lie, sometimes I have been known to not use anchors when I hang stuff.  My excuse is that I change my décor often and nail holes are a lot easier to fix than drywall anchor holes.  Be that as it may, I decided to be legit and safe 

Wall Shelves mounted on the wall with dry wall anchors.

  • Attach the L bracket to the underside of the shelf.
  • Place the shelf on the wall and make sure it's level.  
  • Drill screws through the L bracket into the wall and remove them.
  • In the holes that were drilled for the L bracket, tap in drywall anchors.
  • Replace the shelf on the wall, matching up the holes for the bracket with the anchors.  
  • Drill the screws into the wall. 
  • Fill up the shelves with décor!

How to Style Wooden Display Shelves

Grab a bunch of décor from all the hiding places in your house.  I keep stuff stored in the garage, the attic, and in vintage suitcases and baskets.  I grabbed some ironstone dishes, milk glass vases, a vintage mason jar, a vintage soda bottle, metal platters, a vintage scale, and some vintage fruit prints.  Since these display shelves are in my dining room, I placed all of the things I thought I would use on the table.  

How to decorate wooden display shelves.

What's that?  You don't have random décor in hidie holes all over?  Hmm... well then... maybe this project might cost a little bit of money for you to run to the thrift store, Hobby Lobby, TJ Max and Target to get some fun new stuff.  

Use vintage mason jars and metal platters to decorate reclaimed wood shelves.

I randomly stacked things up and placed them here and there on all of the shelves until I was happy with how it turned out.  

Vintage cans holding plants on wooden display shelves.

I grabbed some plants from other paces in my house and stuck them into vintage cans.  I love the mix of fresh greenery with rusty crusty cans.  

Vintage cans holding plants on wooden display shelves.

I couldn't wait to find a place for these cute vintage fruit prints that I found at the thrift store.  These shelves are the perfect place to display them!

Vintage fruit prints from the thrift store displayed on wooden shelves.

I filled in the other spots with ironstone dishes and vintage glass ware full of dried billy balls.  I love the color and texture of them this time of year!

How to decorate reclaimed wood display shelves.

These shelves are tucked on the wall above the sideboard in our dining room.  Check out that blog post to see how I repurposed one of our kitchen cabinets into a sideboard to store... more stuff!  It's great to have so many hiding spots!  

Reclaimed wooden display shelves above kitchen side board.

These shelves are full of all of my favorite things.  I love the different colors and textures that vintage goods have!

Reclaimed wooden display shelves above kitchen side board.

These Reclaimed Wood Display Shelves are super easy to make and hang to display décor pieces in your home.