Easy Art from a Thrift Store Frame

Have you ever wanted a specific color or textured piece of art but didn't want spend much (or any)?  Today I have the perfect project for you.  It is How to Make Easy Art from a Thrift Store Frame.

How to Make Art from a Thrift Store Frame Pinterest Pin.

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Have you ever been decorating your house and the spot you were working on was just missing something?  Maybe that something is art.  Today I have a super simple project to create a piece of art from a thrift store frame.

Thrift Store dry erase board sitting on buffalo check table.

Find a Frame.  You can use any frame that you have on hand #useyourstash or one purchased from the thrift store.  I found this one recently at my local thrift store.  It's a dry erase menu board that has seen better days but I really liked the distressed look of the frame.

Measure frame to find out inside dimensions to make artwork.

Measure Frame.  Using a tape measure or ruler, measure the inside of the frame.   That is the measurements for the artwork that you will put in the frame.  Once you know how big the frame is, find some scrapbook paper that goes with where you will be placing your frame.  For my frame, I purchased 2 12" x 12" pieces of black and white striped scrapbook paper.  BTW scrapbook paper makes the best artwork because it is so inexpensive and comes in all sorts of patterns and colors.

Cut scrapbook paper with paper trimmer.

Cut Scrapbook Paper.  Cut scrapbook paper with paper trimmer to the measurements of the inside of your frame.  My frame was a little less than 6.5" tall and 15" across.  I cut both pieces of paper to 6.5" then placed them together, matching up the patterns.  Then I measured and cut the length to 15".  

Use double sided tape to attach pieces of paper together.

Glue Paper Pieces Together.  Using paper glue or double sided tape, attach the scrapbook paper together, lining up the patterns.  Up close it's rather obvious where the seam is, but from far away you don't notice the seam at all because the pattern matches up.

Use double sided tape to attach paper to the inside of the frame.

Attach Scrapbook Paper to Frame.  Use double sided tape to attach the scrapbook paper to the frame.  I would use the tape so the paper is removeable.  (I don't like to do anything permanent because I change my mind so often.)  If you'd like the paper to be permanent, use mod podge to attach it.

Art from Thrift store frame hanging on a bookshelf.

Hang the Artwork.  I used museum putty to hang my art piece on the back of my book shelf.  It adds just a hint of texture and style to the shelves.  

White bookshelves styled with vintage pieces.

Before.  It wasn't a bad look before, even if it was a little bit plain.  

White Bookshelves styled with vintage pieces and art made from thrift store frame.

After.  The artwork adds some style and a bit of decorative fun to the white shelf.

Easy Art on the back of a shelf with blue mason jars.

I will definitely continue to be on the look out for frames at the thrift store that I can turn into fun art pieces to add to my home d├ęcor.   For barely any cost at all, some scrapbook paper and a Thrift Store Frame can make perfect Artwork for your home.  

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