How to Make a Display Shelf from Cupboard Doors

Are you looking for a unique shelf to hang in your house?  Or do you have architectural salvage cupboard doors and are looking for a project to do with them?  Well, then I have the project for you- How to Make a Display Shelf from Cupboard Doors.

Pinterest Pin showing how to make a display shelf from vintage cupboard doors.

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Oh guys, I'm so excited about this project.  It combines a bunch of my favorite things: architectural salvage cupboard doors, chippy paint, reusing items in a new way and a place to display my stuff.  I think that pretty much checks all the boxes of successful projects for me!

How to Make a  Display Shelf from Vintage Cupboard Doors  

The instructions and supply list for this project assume that you are a vintage item hoarder collector like I am.  I had the most awesome, beautifully white chippy cupboard doors sitting in my garage just waiting for the perfect project to come along.  If you aren't a collector (gasp) or just don't have doors like these, you could also use new wood purchased at the hardware store. 

Side View of Display Shelf made from Cupboard Doors.

Making the Shelf.  Lay one door on a flat surface.  Lay the other one on it's side at a 90 degree angle butted up against the top of the door laying flat.  These doors are a set, so they are exactly the same size which made putting them together easy.   If you are using new wood, just make sure it is cut to the exact same length.

Over head view showing screw holes to attach cupboard doors together.

Attaching One Shelf to the Other.  Drill pilot holes and then use wood screws to attach the top door to the bottom door (like shown in the above photo).  Use as many screws as necessary to have the top securely attached.

Use corner bracket to add extra stability to shelf.

Use Corner Brackets.  To add further stabilization, use corner braces or L brackets.  I sprayed these brackets with rust textured spray paint.

Use screws and dry wall anchors to attach shelf to wall.

Hang Shelf on Wall.  Drill holes where you will attach shelf to the wall, then attach the shelf with wood screws.  If you are not going to hit a wall stud, be sure to use heavy duty wall anchors

Screw in hooks to bottom of shelf.

Hang Hooks on Shelf.   To add some country charm, attach hooks to the bottom shelf.  I used vintage hooks (purchased from the same flea market vendor that I got the cupboard doors from) that screw in.  They are pretty hard to find, so any black hooks will look great.

How to Style a Display Shelf  Made from Vintage Cupboard Doors

Shelf made from Vintage Cupboard Doors and styled with vintage goods.

To style this shelf, I used vintage window screens on top as the back ground.  Then I used milk glass vases to hold battery operated candles and votive candles.

Shelf made from Vintage Cupboard Doors and styled with vintage goods.

I hung a cutting board from the hooks.  I placed a riser on our dining room sideboard which sits right underneath the shelf.  On top of the riser is a large jar of vintage wooden rolling pins and a stack of ironstone platters.  I topped the vignette with one of my beloved pothos plants.

Shelf made from Vintage Cupboard Doors and styled with vintage goods.

It really isn't too hard to make d├ęcor items for your house that reflect your style.  You don't even have to have a ton of money or a ton of skills.  You just need desire.  Once you have that, you can look up instructions for just about anything.   That is how I started decorating and building things.  And I couldn't be happier with how my latest project this Display Shelf Made from Cupboard Doors turned out.