How to make a Name Neon Light

If you're looking for a fun wedding decorating idea - I have the perfect idea for you.  You can make a DIY Neon Name Light.

Neon Name Light for wedding Pinterest Pin.

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My son got married last week and we had so much fun working on all of the fun wedding details.  One of the things I was super excited about was making a neon light with the last name of the groom and what the new bride will change her name to.

How to Make a Name Neon Light

You may have seen neon lights around and wondered how they are made.  Well I can't tell you how they are all made, but I can tell you how I made this Name Neon Light.   It didn't involve bending glass or anything crazy like that, thank goodness.  You can actually buy neon light strands online that buzz just like a glass neon light.

Supplies to make a name neon light.

Supplies to make a Name Neon Light

Other than the light strand, you probably have all of the supplies on hand.

Of course you will also need scissors to cut the fishing line and AA batteries to power the neon light.

Directions for making a Name Neon Light

To make a neon light, you need to start with a large flat surface.  I used the table top in my craft room.  

chalk letters to trace to make a neon light

Write out the name on the surface with white chalk.  The name needs to be written without letter breaks because this light strand is all in one piece.  The light strand is very pliable, so you will be able to overlap it to make the letters if needed.   I overlapped on most of the letters.

chalk letters to trace to make a neon light

Once the name is written on your surface, use the light strand to follow the letters outline.  Use painters tape to hold the light strand in place.  This is the time to make any adjustments to the letters.

chalk letters to trace to make a neon light

Once you have the entire name written out and traced with the light strand, make sure it is all secured to your work surface with pieces of painters tape.

Use wire to hold light strand in place.

Go back to the start of the word and start placing wire where the lights are.  Use fishing line to tie the wire to the light.  

Tie wire to neon light strand with fishing line.

Tie the wire to the light strand in many places.  You will also tie the wire and lights together anywhere they overlap, to hold it all in place.  This is the part that takes the longest.  

Fishing line to tie wire to neon light strand.

The fishing line is kinda slick, so be patient as you are tying.  No matter what a pain it is and how long it takes you, you will not regret tying everything together in as many places as possible.  Once you are done securing everything together, the light is ready to be hung up.  Place batteries in the battery pack and turn it on.

Neon Name light hanging at wedding reception.

At my son and his wife's wedding venue, we hung the name sign in this perfect frame that was already there on the wall waiting!  It was the perfect spot for it!  We used small clean command hooks to hold it.

Neon Name light hanging at wedding reception.

The Neon Name Light made such a sweet back drop while they had their first dance as husband and wife.   

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