Come Follow Me Free Printable June 6

Welcome to another week of Come Follow Me FREE PRINTABLE.   This printable will help you and your family study for the week of  June 6-12.

Come Follow Me June 6 Pinterest Pin

Happy Monday friends!  We are solidly into summer over here.  There are a lot of late nights, late mornings and not much of a schedule.  It's pretty awesome!  But we can't let everything go out the window and forget to study our scriptures.  That is where this printable comes in handy.  It's easy to download, print, hang on your fridge and have handy for a gospel discussion.

Come Follow Me Home Study Printable for 2022

Our church implemented a more home centered, church supported curriculum with the Come Follow Me program and manual.   The printables I offer each week are made from the information given in the provided weekly outline.  I have really enjoyed making a these printables and it helps me to study the lesson, even when life gets busy.  

I also have some my favorite media to help with my scripture study.  I love this podcast from Meridian Magazine and the podcast called One Minute Scripture Study.  On Instagram I like: Come Follow Me Study,  Come Follow Me 365, and B of M 365.  I find it especially enriching to read the IG comments.  It's like a really really good Sunday School discussion.  

Come Follow Me Free Printable June 6-12

Come Follow Me Printable June 6-12.

How to Save and Print the Come Follow Me Printable

  • Right click on the image and save it to your computer.  I keep a "Come Follow Me" folder in each month of photos on my computer.  
  • Print out the Printable.
  • Hang it somewhere in your house that your family can see often- like your fridge.
  • Feel good that you've made an effort to do Come Follow Me for the week!  :)

Come Follow Me Printable June 6 with notebook

Each week I print this sheet and hang it on my fridge.  That way when my family members are grabbing a snack or filling their water bottle, they have the opportunity to look at the printable. Reading the short paragraphs on these printables really helps us study the week's lesson.  Since they help us so much, I figured I would share them here on She's Crafty.  My family needs all of the help we can get and my guess is that we are not the only ones that need help!  

Each Monday we start a new week and it's the perfect opportunity to study Come Follow Me.  I know that the Lord does not expect perfection, he just wants us to try!  So print off your Come Follow Me Printable to help your family learn the lessons this week!   

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