Easy Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Moms

Since it's the Summer, I am always looking for outfit ideas to stay cool and to be comfortable.  Today I'm going to share Easy Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Moms.

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So it's the summer and that means it's HOT!  But that does not mean I can or would even want to run around in my swim suit all day.  So each day when I get dressed, I'm looking for outfits that are modest while still being cool and comfortable.  And of course I want to look decent too.  That is kind of a lot of qualifications, but I found a bunch of outfit pieces that will keep us all cool and comfortable and stylish too!  

Summer Wardrobe Essentials for Moms

Easy Summer outfits always start with simple pieces.  I have found that I reach for the same things in my closet over and over again, so it pays to have a few staple wardrobe pieces.

White Boxy Tshirt

I found this boxy Tshirt at Walmart about a month ago and it has quickly become a favorite!  

Easy Summer Outfits - white boxy Tshirt

I am normally a size medium but I bought a small in this because it is very oversized and the small fits perfectly.  It's also slightly cropped, but it works because it still has plenty of length to keep all of the things covered!

Easy outfit ideas - white tshirt with knit skirt

The Tshirt looks great paired with a super comfy black knit skirt.  I got this skirt at Loft about 2 years ago.  It is kind of a midi as it hits slightly below my knees.  I guess I am on the shorter side (5'3") so maybe it would be knee length on a regular person.  

Comfy Skirts

A great, yet maybe surprising place to find skirts is Goodwill.  I have had the best luck finding skirts with those essential pockets.  

Tips for finding skirts - scan the entire aisle.  If anything catches your eye, take a closer look.  Look for skirts in basic colors, but also look for some with fun colors.  Check to make sure it's the right size, the right shape for your body and that it does not have unfixable flaws.

Summer outfit ideas for mom - white T and skirt with pockets

I found this cute gray seer sucker skirt there.  It has an elastic waist for the stylish tucked in look, pockets and it's lightly lined so it is not see though.  

Easy summer outfit pieces for moms - thrift store skirt.

I also found this cute skirt at the thrift store.  Its a super soft fabric, also has an elastic waist and pockets.  I also really love the rust color, which is not a color I would have normally chosen. 

Graphic T Shirts

I love graphic Tshirts- they are an absolute staple in my wardrobe.  There are so many places to find them.  

Summer wardrobe essentials - Graphic T shirts

These T-shirts, and frankly most of my clothes come from 1 of 3 places - the thrift store (Spread Love) Walmart (summer scene) and online (country roads).  

Easy summer wardrobe essentials - graphic T and denim shorts

My criteria when looking for graphic T's is that they have to be soft and have graphics that interest me.  That's it.  I usually pair my graphic T's with either skirts or denim Bermuda shorts.  I have a pretty easy hack for finding the perfect denim shorts, check it out here.  

I found the cheetah strap sandals at Walmart for less than $15.  They are so comfortable, I wear them almost every day and they have held up perfectly!

Lightweight Dresses

I'm going to sound like a broken record, but the thrift store is a perfect place to find light weight dresses as well.  

Easy summer wardrobe essentials - lightweight dresses.

I found this darling green stripe dress at Goodwill.  It's a midi dress with an elastic waist.  It has pockets and is super soft.  I think it originally came from a boutique.  

easy summer dress from walmart.

This yellow dress is from Walmart.  It was less than $15 and has pockets.  I love the loose sleeves, but the arm holes are a little large and can show undergarments.   See my solution in the next section.

Half T Undershirt

The perfect solution for loose sleeves and other coverage woes is a half tshirt.

summer wardrobe essentials - half T

A half T-shirt is perfect because it provides coverage without the bulk of an entire shirt.  I like to get them in a nude or cream color and then they blend in with almost any outfit.  

Sources for Easy Summer Wardrobe Essentials

With these Easy Summer Wardrobe Essentials, Mom's can find something to stay cute and cool and have a good summer!  :)