Faux Terra Cotta Pumpkins

If you've been on the crafty part of the internet at all, you have seen the tutorials going around for Faux Terra Cotta Pumpkins.  I have loved every tutorial and was inspired to create my own.

Painted Faux Terra Cotta Pumpkins pinterest pin.

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I love being inspired by what others do.  So when I saw all of the different ways others had painted their pumpkins, I had to give it a shot, except I did mine on a t i n y budget!

How to Make Faux Terra Cotta Pumpkins

I have used styrofoam pumpkins in many other projects, including this one, so I know how easy they are to craft with.  When I found the pumpkins were available at the dollar store again this year, I decided to jump on the terra cotta bandwagon.

Styrofoam pumpkin from the dollar store.

Supplies Needed for Faux Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Gather all of the supplies.  Protect your surface (I always use large, flat pieces of cardboard) and we are ready to get our craft on!

Terra Cotta painted pumpkins.

Pour terra cotta colored paint into a small container.  (I keep a stack of plastic cups on hand in my craft room)  Stir in 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda and mix well.  Brush 1-2 light coats of paint onto the styrofoam pumpkin and let the paint dry.  

Faux terra cotta pumpkins.

Once the paint is dry, use your fingers to brush and smush regular baking flour onto the pumpkin.  It especially looks good to put the flour in the grooves.  Blow and/or brush off the excess flour.  It stays on the pumpkin surprisingly well.

Faux terra cotta pumpkin with wood spindle stem.

Cut the styrofoam stem off the pumpkin with a hobby knife.  Smush a wooden spindle (or dowel) into the hole left by the old stem.  Hot glue the spindle in place.  

Glue spanish moss around wood spindle stem.

Once the stem is in place, place spanish moss around the spindle and use hot glue to secure it.  The spanish moss looks great, gives character and hides any of the imperfections around the spindle.

Painted Styrofoam pumpkins to look like terra cotta.

I couldn't stop with just one pumpkin and made several.  I think they will be so fun to decorate with for fall!  For just a few dollars and a few hours, you can join the crowd and make a trendy Faux Terra Cotta Pumpkins.