Seasonal Fall Décor for Free

If you're looking for ways to stretch your budget but still decorate your home for the season, I have a bunch of ideas for Free Seasonal Fall Décor.

Free Seasonal Fall Decor pinterest pin.

I am always looking for ways to decorate my home for the holidays and seasons, but like everyone else, I don't want to spend a jillion dollars to do so.  I like to change the way my home looks so often, that I have to find ways to do so without breaking the bank!  

How to Decorate your Home with Free Seasonal Fall Décor

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but you don't have to buy all new things to decorate your home.  Haha!  My full attic wishes I had known that many years ago.  But it's never too late to learn, right?  

Tall Grasses

Where I live, there are lots of fields with wild flowers and tall grasses.  I have been eyeing them for a while wondering if I could do something with them.  And so I finally decided to try!   

Gathering tall grasses near the side of the road.

One day on the way home from errands, I stopped and cut a bunch of tall grasses from the side of the road.  If you put them in a tall vase or container immediately, the grasses will become droopy.  As a solution, lay them flat until they dry.  I laid my grasses in my garage for about a week or so, and then they were good to go!

Tall dried grasses in large metal container.

I placed a large bunch of the grasses in a tall galvanized container.  I used to buy cornstalks from the pumpkin patch, but I have found that I can get the same look with these grass stalks and they are free and they are easier to dispose of at the end of the season.

I placed the metal container thing (I have no idea what it even is, but it's gloriously rusty and I love it!) and placed it on my porch for Halloween décor.  The container tips over pretty easily, so I put a brick inside to give in more weight.  Notice that cute little creeper looking out the window at me.  She is such a good decorating and photography assistant!  

Real Dried Leaves

Earlier in the season, I took my dog for a walk and found a bunch of leaves that had fallen off an oak tree in my neighbors yard.  The leaves looked so awesome so I decided to bring them home and add them to my seasonal decorations.

Thrifted basket wall gallery with real dried leaves.

They were already pretty dry, so I used them immediately.  But if you cut yours off a tree, you may want to let them dry while laying flat for a few days.  As with the grasses above, this will help keep them from getting droopy.  

Thrifted Basket Wall gallery with real leaves.

In this wall gallery with thrifted baskets, I placed a bunch of pumpkins on baskets and sifters hanging on the wall.  I tucked in a bunch of those found oak leaves and a few faux fall colored leaves.  The real leaves cost nothing and look so pretty in this vignette.

Dried Hydrangea Blossoms

At the end of every summer growing season, I cut the blossoms off of the hydrangea bush in my front garden and let them dry. 

Use dried hydrangeas in metal chicken feeder.

Tip for Drying Hydrangeas  Cut hydrangea blossoms off the plant when they are just starting to turn brown.  Tie a bunch together with some twine and let them dry upside down.

Use dried hydrangeas in metal chicken feeder.

I placed a bunch of those dried hydrangeas, along with dried and faux leaves into a vintage chicken feeder.  I just kinda laid them in the metal trough and tucked in leaves until it looked somewhat full and balanced.  I placed the chicken feeder on top of a cubby full of clay pots and pumpkins.  

Use dried hydrangeas in metal chicken feeder.

None of those ideas were earth shattering, but hopefully it will give you new ideas to look around and see what free items you can use in your home.  That way you can feel free to change up the look of your home often since you are using Free Seasonal Home Décor.