Halloween Haunted Houses Cottage Style

Do you want to make some cute cottage style Halloween home decor?  I am going to show how I put together a Haunted House Vignette in Cottage Style.  

Halloween Haunted House shelf style with cottage vibes Pinterest Pin.

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Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to decorate for, along with Christmas, Valentines day and July 4.  Ok I like them all.  So that means I have a lot of decorations and they can get out of hand and break the budget.  

Today I'm going to share a inexpensive way to make a Haunted House and how to add it to a vignette that looks perfect in a cottage style home.

How to Make an Inexpensive Haunted House

Dollar Store doll house.

Find a toy doll house.  These cute doll houses can be found in the toy section at the dollar store.
  • Discard the packaging and all of the furniture.  
  • Lay the doll house on your work surface.  
  • Paint the doll house with black chalk paint and a brush.  You may need to use a small detail brush to get the paint into all the nooks and crannies.
  • Let paint dry and seal with top coat if desired.

Painted dollar store doll house.

Once the paint is dry, you can use it to style your haunted house vignette.    

Haunted House Sign and scrap wood haunted houses.

I placed a wooden shutter in the background of the shelf I styled.  On top of the shutter I attached a diy haunted house sign that I made several years ago.  I couldn't figure out how to place it where I wanted, so I hot glued it to the shutter.  When I undo the vignette I'll just pop it off and pry the hot glue off.  In front of the shutter, I placed the scrap wood haunted houses that I also made many years ago.  

House figurines on shelf with haunted houses.

I gathered a few other houses that I've had in my decor stash for a while, like a galvanized house (similar here) and a black house vase (I couldn't find a similar vase but I did find a clear glass one that would be super cute!)  I sat the houses of various piles of vintage books.

Spindle candle sticks holding mini pumpkins.

To fill in around the houses, I placed wooden spindle candle sticks holding mini fresh pumpkins.  Little pumpkins are always an excellent finishing touch in a Halloween/Fall Vignette.

Fairy lights for Halloween vignette.

And then I added the most magical touch of all, battery operated fairy lights.   I especially like using these because they have a timer.  So when the sun goes down, I have them set to automatically turn on.  It makes this whole vignette light up and looks so cozy and charming!  

Cozy Cottage Halloween Vignette.

This whole spot turned out so cute!  And it goes to show that Halloween decorations don't have to expensive or hard to put together.  You can make a Cottage Style Halloween Haunted House Vignette in your home today.  And if you do, please tag me because I'd love to see it!