January end of the month recap

It's the end of the month and time for a recap.  This is a month end rundown of blogposts, personal happenings and my favorite products of January!

January month end recap and favorite things pinterest pin.

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Can you believe that it is already February?  January went by SO fast!  This year I am going to do a monthly recap on my blog to try to stop the blur a little bit!  I will be recapping blog posts, my favorite things of the month and some of the things we did.  

January Recap

Kia Optima stolen.

To start the month off, our car got stolen.  Right out of our driveway overnight.  We immediately called our local police and filed a report.  3 days later, I received a phone call from someone 2 towns over, telling me that he'd found my car.  Apparently the robbers hot wired it, drove it to an apartment complex, backed it into a handicap parking spot and walked away.  We called our local police and the police of the town the car was found in and then waited for 4 hours without anyone showing up.  So we had the car towed back to our local mechanic.

Vandalized Kia Optima.

At the time of this publishing, we still haven't gotten the car back.  Apparently there is a tik tok challenge showing how easy it is to hotwire our make and model of car.  So our mechanic has had a hard time finding parts to fix the ignition.  Last week he got that fixed but then found more damage to the inside of the car.  We will also have to have the car detailed as it smells heavily of pot and has a lot of trash inside the car.  What a bummer.  

Snow in Nashville Tennessee in January.

The 2nd week in January brought Nashville a huge snow and ice storm.  With below freezing temperatures lasting over a week, the snow that usually melts so quickly stuck around.  My school age son was out of school for 10 days.

Snow in Nashville Tennessee in January.

Even though there was tons of snow and ice on the roads, Lizzie made sure we went for our daily walks.  Luckily I was able to find some of my kids old snow pants and my ski coat from time living in Utah to keep me warm as Lizzie dragged me around the neighborhood.   

Open shelving and crock pot cooking.

Since it was so cold and we couldn't get out of the neighborhood, I did a lot of cooking and cleaning.  I made dinner every night, made cookies several times and even got caught up on my laundry.  I wish I was still caught up on laundry.  sigh.  Our weather is back to normal and I have at least 2 loads currently sitting in our laundry baskets.

Antique Book at Hylabrook antique store.

I took the Christmas items out of all 3 of my antique booths, Hylabrook (shown here), Honeybee Antique Market and Four Sisters Antiques and Vintage and updated them.  I sure love having these antique booths.  They keep me busy and I love it!

January Favorite Products

Since our car got stolen, I thought a lot about safety in and around our home.  I really wanted to add more light to our driveway, so I purchased these Motion Sensor Light Bulbs.  They turn a regular light into a motion activated light.  If someone walks onto our driveway, the lights will kick on and hopefully deter any would be thief's, should they try to come to our house again.  

For a while after the theft, I didn't feel comfortable walking my dog in the neighborhood aka the scene of the crime.  But I know walks are so good for Lizzie and for me so I got this Personal Alarm to help me feel more secure.  

Heated Blanket from amazon.

During the snowmageddon in January, it felt like I was freezing 24 hours a day.  I was so glad to have my Heated Blanket to snuggle on the couch with while watching Netflix.  I mean what else was I supposed to do while stuck at home?  

In between couch/Netflix sessions, I did a bunch of cleaning and used my favorite dusting spray.    

Probably my favorite thing I've purchased in a while is this Pill Organizer.  It keeps my purse ibuprofen/allergy pills/stomach pills organized so I can grab them when needed.  I used a tiny bit of washi tape to label what pill is where.  

January Blog Posts

January was all about survival.  Haha.  I had tons of ideas to execute but life got in the way and it didn't happen.  I did do all of my weekly Come Follow Me printables.  And I was able to squeeze in a few other blog posts.  I have an editorial calendar full of blog post ideas so I am hoping to do 2-3 blog posts a week in the upcoming months!  Fingers crossed.  

Come Follow Me printables for Jan 2024.

Good Things Jar.

2024 ins and outs.

Cozy Home Ideas.

I hope you had an awesome January and if not, I hope you are looking forward to next month, like I am as I set new goals for February!  I am looking forward to Valentine's Day, more thrifting, more doing my booths and more fun!  I'll see ya next month and we'll recap February!