Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chevron wall art

I finally jumped on the chevron bandwagon and made some chevron wall art.

And here is how I did it.

I started with a piece of wood (I used luan), and black & white acrylic craft paint.   The luan was left over from another project so it was already cut to size and sanded.  

First I painted the board white.  I wanted it to look uneven and rough so I just slapped it on there with a sponge brush.  After the paint was dry I taped off the zigs and the zags.  I eyeballed the taping (no measuring) so the lines are not even.  I am ok with this- imperfect crafts are right up my alley.  If you want it to be even, you will have to measure it all out.    

After all that taping was done, I painted over the board and the tape with the black paint.  I only used 1 coat because I wanted it to look uneven and I knew I was going to sand anyway.

After the black paint was dry I peeled the tape off.  

Then I went crazy with the sand paper.   

To hang it, I used my go to art hanger- 3m velcro hooks.  They are the best!!!  Perfect for a perpetual mind changer and re-arranger like me.  

I hung the art on a lonely wall in my bathroom.  

Every time I walk it there, it's the first think I notice.  It's bold, graphic and a little big shabby.   I love it!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Focusing on what's important

My blog posts have been a little bit lacking lately.  This blogging stuff is hard work.  It takes a lot of time to think of a project, get supplies for the project, do the project, take photos of the project, edit the photos and post all of that to the blog.  I seem to be a little bit short on time lately.  Like everyone else, our life is busy.  And I've been trying to spend time focusing on what's important.

I've been:  

-trying to stay on top of my housework. Because nothing makes me crazier then a dirty house!!!
-cooking dinner almost every night.  Kudos to those of you who do this- I haven't been so good in the past but am striving to do better.
-spending time with my husband when he is home.  

-playing with my kids (my boys are huge into Beyblades right now)

-working on recording memories in my smash book and in mine and my kids' journals

-hugging and loving on my sweet babies!! 
-saying yes more to my kids, like the day I wanted to stay home to clean and organize the house and work on projects, but instead we spent a beautiful day off from school at the zoo

What have you been working on lately?

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PS- I have squeezed in a few minutes here and there to work on a small project that I will blog about in the next few days! 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A peek through our last week

Here is a peek through our life last week:

top to bottom, left to right
-finding out the kids can watch netflix on their ipods (seriously, rocked our world)
-hubby came home from a business trip
-family game night
-drinks at sonic

-valentines day
-a trip to the zoo on a beautiful day off from school

What was your week like last week?

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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentines, some ?? and shutters

How's that for a random title?  :)

For the first time in my kids' entire school career I had to help my littlest make a Valentine box.  Weird.  I don't  know how we've never had to to this before -  I guess they made them in class or something.  I was a little intimidated and was just going to buy a pre-made one.  But what kind of crafter would I be if I didn't do it myself.  Here is what I came up with.

It was actually quite simple.  I covered a frozen waffle box with red polka dot wrapping paper, then used a heart shaped doily and letter stickers.  (He later covered it with Star Wars, soccer ball, monster truck and guitar stickers).  When my biggest saw his brother's box, he declared that I needed one and made one for me just like it.  So sweet!!

For the valentines to hand out to his class mates we made these. They are inspired by something I saw on pinterest. 


I have received a few questions lately about past projects and so I'm going to answer them all here.

I was asked how the fabric in my office chair makeover is holding up.  It is holding up perfectly.  It looks as good now as it did when I recovered the chair almost 6 months ago.  I'm not super careful and my kids love to plop down in my chair and I have not had any problems!!

I was asked what size jar I used in my memory jar.  It is a vintage jar from a flea market.  I bought it for it's really interesting shape- kind of flat.  I think it would probably equate to today's quart sized jars.

I was asked where I got the shutters shown in last Spring.  I got them at the flea market as well.  They were a funky yellow color, so I just spray painted them red.  

Here is where I am using them now...

hanging in my kitchen holding photos.  

Friday, February 10, 2012

Valentine's Day T shirt

This is a quick and easy shirt to make for your kids or yourself (I wish I would have thought to make myself one.)  You've probably seen the freezer paper stencil method before.  But if you haven't, here is a little step by step tutorial.

All that is needed is a plain, no pocket t-shirt (the black fabric in the photo), freezer paper, fabric paint and an iron.  

I free-hand cut a heart shape from the freezer paper.

Then put the freezer paper outline of the heart onto the shirt, shiny side down, and ironed it.  It sticks really well and doesn't need too much heat.  If there is a part that wrinkles and you need to readjust, you can pull it up and then re-iron it.  

I also ironed a piece of freezer paper on the inside of the shirt for any paint bleed through.

Then using a foam brush, I painted the fabric paint onto the shirt.  I thought the color was red so I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was glittery pink.

Let the paint dry to touch and pull the freezer paper off.

Then I hand-sewed some buttons onto the heart.

I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

The heart has a bit of a variegated look. If that's not what you like, just put more coats of paint onto the shirt, letting each coat dry in between.

My sweet girl will look so cute in this on LOVE day!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Very Pinteresting

Pinterest is so much fun!!! I have the app on my phone so when I'm waiting at the doctors office (which has been A LOT lately) or in car pool lane at my kids' school I am able to spend some time gazing at all the wonderful pins.  And I am proud to say, I actually accomplished some of the ideas I have pinned and  thought I would pass some of my recent favorites.  (All links are to the bloggers original post).  

My sweetie brought me home flowers after being gone on a business trip for 2 weeks.  I put them in a plain mason jar and then jazzed it up like this.  

I love this way to curl my hair with no heat!  (not the best pic but you get the idea)

We always decorate gingerbread (aka graham cracker) houses at Christmas time.  But I never thought of doing a Valentine version until I saw these "Love Shacks" here.

My kids have been so so soooo sick.  In January alone we had 9 separate visits to 4 different doctors with about 6-7 prescriptions.  I had 2 kids on 2 different doses of the same medication at the same time.  Without this idea, I wouldn't have kept it all straight.  (this link is to pinterest, I couldn't find the site it was originally pinned from)  

I made my Valentine's banner after seeing this one here.  

I also tried this way to get rid of soap scum.  And this to clean my stove top dripper pans.  They both worked brilliantly!!  

Some other things I want to do are-

make these chocolate dipped oreos for Valentine's day gifts
 make these for the kids in our Primary
and the next party I throw I am making this paper chain backdrop.  SO cute!!

If you are not a member of Pinterest, do it!  You will love it!  I think you still have to be invited, so if anyone needs an invite, let me know!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's- Apothecary Jar stuffs

How about a little Valentine apothecary jar filler stuff?  

Starting with paper hearts.

They are super simple.  You need:  PAPER, a trimmer, glue and some clothespins to hold the hearts while the glue dries.

1.  cut a piece of paper into 1 inch by 6 inch strips and fold in half
2.  put a little bit of glue on one of the top outside ends
3. bring the 2 outside ends together to the inside
4.  clamp it together with a clothespin until the glue dries 

  In addition to the red and white paper I used dictionary paper.  And filled in with red Styrofoam glittery hearts.

There are conversation hearts in the other jar.  Love the way they look.  Good thing they don't taste very good so they aren't tempting to eat.