End of the Month- October favorites and inspiration

Here we are at the end of another month!
October has just flown by! 

I'm here to share my monthly recap
End of the Month of October
with favorite things and inspiration

Every month I take a look back over the month.
So let's get this party started!

A look back at October

end of the month, October, high school football

My son tore a ligament in his knee at the very beginning 
of his senior football season.
After 2 long months in a wheel chair on the sidelines, 
my son was finally able to suit up and play football last week.
I couldn't keep my emotions in check watching my
boy out on the field after a ton of disappointment and hard work!

end of the month, Nashville Farmers Market, pumpkins

We hit up the Nashville Farmers Market to 
pick out pumpkins.

End of the month, October, bowling, grade school bowling

My little guy joined a bowling league for grade schoolers.
How cute is that?  
All those little tiny kids shot putting bowling balls
down the alley is hilarious!

My big guy got accepted to college at 
The University of Tennessee in Knoxville.
It's so exciting and yet so sad that we are already in this place 
in our life.


October Favorite Products 

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I picked up this little wooden scrubber.
It works so well to scrub stubborn stuffs from dishes.

favorite products, kitchen soap and scrub brush holder

I keep it in a little holder next to my sink with dish
and hand soap.

My kids each have phone holders like these.
It is probably the most used thing in our house.

October favorites of a mom blogger, pantene bb creme

I recently started using Pantene BB creme.
As I've gotten older, my once thick hair is now
thinning and gets some frizz.
This cream helps me manage my changing hair.

October mom blogger favorites, care of vitamins

I started taking vitamins from Care of.
I answered some questions and they sent me
vitamins based on those answers.
The vitamins are packaged individually per day.



I love these farmhouse pantry shelves
from Jenron Designs.  Although my pantry is pretty decent,
I would really like to give it a makeover like this.

These green kitchen cabinets are gorgeous!

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I love these lockers with the darling Halloween
sign over the top
and the piles of pumpkins!  It's the perfect vignette!

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It's hard to believe it's time to start thinking about Christmas.
I love this Christmas table!

inspiration from Hobby Lobby, bottle brush trees

Speaking of Christmas,
Hobby Lobby always knocks it out of the park!
I love this collection of colorful bottle brush trees!

I love the way this dining room is styled!
Actually the entire house is so pretty!

Inspiration from Hobby Lobby, kinda classy kinda hood sign

I found this sign at Hobby Lobby. 
It totally cracks me up!


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That is it for October! 
What was your favorite part of the month?

I'll see you in November as we ramp up for the
most wonderful time of the year!