End of the month, November favorites and inspiration

Don't let me alarm you,
but it's the end of November!  
I know right?  Where did the month go?

I love this monthly post that is
the chance to look back on November
and share my favorite products and inspiration.

End of the month, November favorites and inspiration

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Monthly Recap

end of the month, vote in november

I took my kids with me to vote on election day.
I wanted to show how important
it is for all adults to do their civic duty!

I worked away on all sorts of crafting for 
Thanksgiving and Christmas!

My son ended his high school football career.
The season didn't go as we had planned, 
since he had to sit out almost all of
the practices and games because of his knee injury.
We are all thankful that he was able to play in 2 games 
at the very end of the season.

end of the month, MTSU basketball game

I got to attend an MTSU basketball game with
my son and all of the 4th and 5th graders
in the county.  I've never been in a room so loud
in my entire life!

This cute girl got a concussion from hitting 
her head in the locker room at school.
She had to rest for almost an entire week from
school and missed about a month of swim.

end of the month, craft show at jenni bowlin

I was able to attend a show at the home

end of the month, craft show at jenni bowlin

She opens her home as a pop up shop
to show her array of vintage and home decor items.
Her home is GORGEOUS!  
I love the open shelving in her kitchen!

We hosted Thanksgiving with family on both sides.
We had such a great time! 
Some of us are wearing hats from our party crackers.

Products I love

I use white dishes for our 
every day dining.
They can also be dressed up with nice linens 
for special occasions like Thanksgiving.

I also use white serving bowls
for all of the food I serve.
Having all white dishes looks so nice
and makes the sometimes mismatched 
bowls match!

This rapid egg cooker is
amazing!  It hard boils eggs so quickly.
Just a heads up- when it's 
done cooking the alarm sounds like
a fire alarm.

Since the temps have dropped outside
we have been using our electric tea kettle
to make hot chocolate. 
It heats up really quick!

I threw a mini broom and dust pan
set into my cart randomly at Home Goods.
Turns out I have used it a ton!
I clean up glitter, saw dust and paper
scraps in my craft room,
and crumbs around the table in the kitchen.
It's perfect for small touch ups!

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This is so true!

I really want to make an island on wheels
for my kitchen.
I especially like this one with the drop down
butcher block top.
This will be one of my first projects
in the new year!

How cute is this book Christmas tree!

I will be making some painted ball ornaments for my tree this year!

I could stare at this photo by cb designs all day!

I love Jen's colorful and whimsical mantel!
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This wreath is just AMAZING!!

Have a great week and thanks for reading!


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