Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Christmas Gift Wrap Cart from flea market shopping cart

It's 8pm on Christmas Eve.  
Your kids are finally in bed after an exciting and L  O N G day 
of celebrations and anticipation.  
And there's nothing you'd like more than to
crawl into bed with visions of sugar plums 
dancing in your head.  
And then you remember that you have a 
monster pile of gifts that still need to be wrapped.  
This has been my Christmas Eve for the last several years.

So this year I have a new plan to help me 
get the wrapping done easier, 
a Christmas Gift Wrap cart 
that can roll from room to room.

Christmas Gift Wrap Cart from flea market shopping cart

We are down to 2 weeks.  
It's go time! 

I'm going to finish up my shopping this week
and put this gift wrap cart to use!

Flea Market shopping cart, vintage shopping cart, metal shopping cart

I bought this rustic shopping cart
from the flea market several years ago.

I put a tall bucket in the bottom to hold gift 
wrap rolls.  I put a small bucket 
next to it to hold tissue paper, gift bags and
I strung spools of ribbon onto twine
and tied it onto the front of the cart.

For twine and curling ribbon,
I thread some twine into a hole I 
drilled into the top of a wooden dowel.
I glued a wooden  circle to the bottom
to hold the ribbon on the dowel.

I hung a small felt bag on the other side
to hold scissors and tape.

I'm convinced this little cart is going
to make all of the difference in
 upping my wrapping game this year!  
My goal is to be in bed by 10pm on 
Christmas Eve! :) 

Speaking of Christmas gifts:

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  1. I love this idea! Last year I bought a tool carrier from Lowe's which holds everything either inside or in the attached "pockets" except wrapping paper ...and thought I'd invented the wheel.... this is even better.

    I've seen a similar idea where someone purchased a basic bar stool, turned it upside down to hold the paper in the middle and took a couple of carpenter aprons, sewed them together, maybe even created a few more pockets and used the apron strings to tie to the legs to hold it on. So many clever people out here in creativity world. Thanks for this one!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy! Have a great week! xox


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