Makeover Your Mindset for Greater Happiness as a Mom

Are you looking for ways to be a better YOU?  Are you tired of being tired, unhappy, grouchy and unfulfilled in your life?  Then read on for ways to Makeover Your Mindset for Greater Happiness as a mom.

How to Makeover Your Mindset for Greater Happiness as a Mom

If you've been on Pinterest at all, I'm sure you've seen the quotes about happiness being an inside job and we should find Joy in the Journey.  But what if you don't know how to do those things?  I have been there.

A few years ago I found myself tired all of the time, with a very short fuse and not a lot of joy and happiness.  It snuck up on me because growing up I was a fairly happy person.  I could usually see the bright side of things and I gave people the benefit of the doubt.  But then challenges happened, trials deepened and life got hard.  The coping skills I'd used my entire life no longer served me and my attitude tanked.  I became a grumpy, pessimistic, stressed out mama that had a hard time finding happiness anywhere.

I was always frustrated!  I thought if I worked hard enough (and bossed everyone around enough) then I could be happy.  If my husband's job didn't require so much traveling and if my kids would behave better, happiness would be on it's way to me.  Well, you can probably guess how this story went.

  • No matter how hard I worked, I never got it all done.  
  • My husband got a new job, but it wasn't a magic fix of all the work issues.  
  • My kids were normal kids who got into kid shenanigans often.  

The inconveniences and annoyances of life were always going to be there, so something else had to change.  The thing that needed to change was my Mindset!

How to have a better mindset

Mindset = self help.  And I used to think self helpy stuff was a bunch of mumbo jumbo.  I thought there was no way for someone to THINK their way to a better life.  But then, what did I have to lose by looking into it?  Not much.

I dipped a toe in the self help waters by buying the book, "You are a Bad A$$ by Jen Sincero."  Truthfully I picked it up because the title was funny.  But then I seriously read it.  And read it again.  And things started clicking.  That book opened my eyes to the fact that I was not powerless in finding happiness.  My happiness was not contingent upon any certain situation or another person.  I could choose happiness.

Tools to Help You Makeover Your Mindset

After pouring through my first book, a fire was lit inside of me and I have been filling my mind with
tools to help my mindset.  Books, Podcasts, and Online Self Coaching through IG posts and You Tube Videos are those tools.


I have re-read "You Are a Bad A__" several times.  And I've also read "You are a Bad A__ Every Day" to my self help library.  

BTW-Since I have a tendency to leave my books all over the house and I don't want my children to see swear words, I covered the A word.  :)  It cracks me up every time I see it! 

How to have a better mindset - read books like You are a Bad A__ every day

There are so many books on the market, written by people who have been there.  Check out my  favorite self help books, here.


Podcasts are mini therapy sessions.  Well the right podcasts are.  These are 2 of my favorites.  I always come away from listening to these with nuggets of wisdom that help me on my journey!

How to have a better mindset - listen to podcasts like Jody Moore

Jody Moore is a certified Life Coach.  And she is brilliant.  I love that she seems to be able to reach inside my brain and do a podcast about things I didn't even know I needed!  When I listen in the car or while I'm cleaning, I find myself nodding often and saying yes out loud!  

How to have a better mindset - listen to podcasts like Preston Pugmire

Preston Pugmire is a highly energetic entertainer that has brilliant words of wisdom.  He is very relate-able.  A lot of his focus is on business mindset, but it also applies to anyone.  We all need to get our mindset right before we can be successful at anything.  That applies to business people and mama's alike.  


There are so many talented people that share their gifts online.  We can consume their content without ever leaving our homes!  This has been a huge source of comfort to me.

How to have a better mindset - online therapy Tiffany Roe

Tiffany Roe is a freaking awesome, rad genius!  She is trying to end mental health stigma and offer that Therapy is Cool.  She is a therapist in Utah, but since that's not such a easy place for many of us to travel to, she offers self coaching courses through her website.  I love following her on Instagram to get little nuggets of therapy goodness and wisdom.

How to have a better mindset - learn about our thinking with Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is another one of my heroes!   She uses science backed research to explain our mindset and the power we have over it.  I watched all of the videos she did in the Mindset Reset series earlier this year.  In fact, I think I need to watch them all again.  Her 5 second rule is very simple but such a smart way for us to trick ourselves into doing things we need to do.  

These tools continue to help me and they can help you too

It is possible to change your life by changing your thoughts.  I wish it was a one and done process, but it isn't.  We all fall off the thought work wagon and have to keep going back to the books, podcasts and online information.  I love having these resources to remind me that I do have the power to be happy in my life despite my circumstances.  You too can find greater happiness in your life using these tips to Makeover Your Mindset for Greater Happiness!

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