Tips for hiding power cords

An important component in any craft room is power and with power comes CORDS.  In my tiny crafting space, I cannot stand to have cords hanging out all over the place.  So I  have found a few tips for hiding power cords.

Use these easy and inexpensive tips for Hiding Power Cords, craft room

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My new craft room does not have a power outlet.  So that has forced me to be creative in how to get power in there.  I have a power strip that plugs in right outside my craft room.  It works great, except that all of the cords were visible.  Well, we can't have that now can we!  I mean, the space is small enough, it doesn't need to have eye sores as well.

How to hide power cords

I looked around my garage to see what I had and found some supplies to make my own cord cover.  The supplies used to cover the cords in my craft room are:  a super light-weight lattice strip, my glue gun and wall paint.  That's it!

How to hide power cords for under-cabinet lighting

After hanging my under cabinet light, I tucked the cord around the shelf bracket and behind the shelf.  I secured the cord to the shelf with tiny drops of glue from my hot glue gun.

Hide power cords by making a DIY cord cover

Then I ran the cord down the wall in the corner.  To cover this, I painted a piece of thin wood (lattice) the same paint as the wall.  Then I used tiny drops of hot glue to attach the lattice to the cord.  

Hide power cords by making a DIY cord cover

The lattice is very light weight so it doesn't need too much glue.  Mostly it stands up on it's own in the corner.  I hesitated to say that I used hot glue on a cord because it could easily melt the cord and cause a fire.  But I only used a tiny bit and didn't let it melt the cord at all.  So if you decide to do this, use your best judgement to keep it safe!

Use lattice to hide power cords by making a DIY cord cover

You know I love using vintage yardsticks to decorate with, so it's not surprise that I added some to the ends of the shelves.  They cover the light and the cords so well.

How to hide cords in a small craft room

The extension cord for my light has to tuck around the corner to reach the power strip behind the bookshelf.  It stuck out pretty bad until I switched it with a longer cord that could drape to the baseboards.  

How to hide cords in a small craft room by attaching them to baseboards

Then I put a tiny dollop of hot glue on the baseboards to hold the extension cord on top of them.

How to hide cords in a small craft room by attaching them to baseboards

The cord blends right in with the baseboards now.  Yay for cords that blend in now!

How to hide cords in a small craft room

Hopefully if you have a cord that needs to be hidden, you can use these Tips for Hiding Power cords!  Check out my craft room tour here.

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