How to make a Faux Vintage Can Planter

In all of my thrifting/flea marketing trips lately, I have been on the hunt for a vintage can for one of my plants.  After much fruitless searching, I finally gave up and decided to make my own from a new can.  Read on for instructions for How to Make a Faux Vintage Can Planter.

How to make a faux vintage can planter from a new paint can

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It's no secret that I love vintage things.  I love worn and distressed items that have lots of patina and  history.  But sometimes I can't find exactly what I'm looking for.  So I have to put my craft skills to use and make it.  That is what I did to make a faux vintage can planter.

Supplies Needed to make a Faux Vintage Can Planter

Process for attaching label to paint can

  • Download, print and cut out label.  I purposely cut the label sloppily with scissors so I it would look vintagey.  You could also tear it.  
  • Punch holes for the handle of the paint can using a 1 inch hole punch.

  • Lay label face down on a surface (I used wax paper to protect my work surface) and spread mod podge evenly on the back of the label.
  • Apply label to the can, smoothing with your fingers.  It's ok if it wrinkles, because it adds character.
  • Brush a coat of mod podge with a small amount of antiquing medium mixed in, to the front of the label and can.

  • The mod podge will dry clear, leaving a matte sheen, and the antiquing medium leaves just a small bit of aging.

  • If the paper lifts, brush on a small amount of mod podge and smoosh it down with your fingers.  When it dries, it will lay flat.

  • Brush mod podge mixed with antiquing medium all the way around the can and let it dry for several hours.

  • Place plant inside the can.  I wanted to leave my plant in the plastic pot but it didn't quite fit. I snipped the top edge of the plastic pot so it would give just enough to be able to fit inside the can.
  • Since the plant was staying in the plastic pot, I stuffed the bottom of the can with plastic grocery sacks to make the plant sit up higher, and put a grocery sack around the plastic pot to hold the water drainage.

I placed the plant on my kitchen table, on top of a table centerpiece, similar to this one.  

Here is what the can looks like on my dining room table.  As I have stated many times, my family is pretty patient with my decorating and redecorating ways, as long as they aren't too inconvenienced.  So the napkins and salt and pepper will always have to sit on the table.  

This Faux Vintage Can planter is just the look I was going for.  I love having something on my table that is decorative, yet functional, and not in the way of my family eating dinner.  

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