4 Mom Mindsets to make this the best Christmas ever

Christmas is my favorite time of year.  It is also the most stressful.  Each year I go back and forth between singing Christmas carols and contemplating a nervous break down.  I'm sure you can relate.  But it's time to stop the insanity and make this the most wonderful time of the year and that starts with our mindsets.  Here are 4 Mom Mindsets for the Best Christmas Ever!

Mom Mindsets for the Best Christmas Ever - make the most of the holidays by working on your holiday mindset

I'm not sure what it's like in your family, but in mine, I am mostly responsible for the holidays.  My husband works really hard to provide for our family and I am blessed to be able to be at home.  But that also leaves me in charge of most things when it comes to Christmas.  Some years I have handled that role well, but most of the time, I am stressed, grumpy and not so jolly.  This year, I am determined to make this the best Christmas ever, and that starts with my mindset.  

4 Mindsets for Moms to Make this the Best Christmas Ever

Just by making a few tweaks to your mindset, you can enjoy the best time of the year, so much more!

1.  Begin with the End in Mind

It's ok to say no to things that don't jive with my goals.

Ask yourself, what do I want this holiday to look like?  Do I want peace, time to relax, drink hot chocolate and have fun or do I want it to be frantic, chaotic and super busy as I run from event to activity to party?  Of course we all know how to answer this.  If you want peace, you are going to have to fight for it.  haha - get it - fight for peace?  :)

What I mean is that you need to remember what you want holiday to end up like.  Keep that in mind with every decision you make through out the holidays.  If you say yes to peace and calm, you'll probably have to say no to several other things.  That is ok, in fact, saying no to things that are less important, leaves you the option of saying yes to things that are your priority!  No is a complete sentence.

2.  Put Every Thing on the Calendar

If it's not on the calendar, it's not happening!

This is a busy season- made even worse when you forget something important.  So starting now, put EVERY SINGLE ACTIVITY that you and your family will participate in, on the calendar.  All of the after school activities you normally remember - put on the calendar.  Sports practice, church activities, tutoring, lunch dates, doctor appointments, date night, parties, holiday activities - put them all on the calendar.  Getting all of those times and dates out of your head and onto paper frees up space and energy that you need for everything else.

Now- do you use a paper calendar or digital?  Either really.  But the most important calendar is the one you have with you.  I live and die by Google Calendar.  I can update it on my phone, on my computer and my husband has access to it.  At the beginning of the month, I print the calendar out and hang it on my fridge so we can all see it.

3.  Manage Your Expectations

I am responsible for my own happiness!

You work so hard to decorate your home, make all the yummy treats, give everyone the perfect gift, attend all the events, etc.  You would think it wouldn't be too much to expect someone in your family to remember you, be overflowing with gratitude, and gift you with the perfect present, right?  Wrong.  If you think that way you are setting yourself up for failure.

Do things that you want/need to do without expecting anything in return.  Keep track of everything you do on your Win List and give yourself many atta girls through out the day.

As for gifts, don't expect your husband, or anyone else to read your mind.  Send your hubby a link to your amazon wish list.  Tell your mother in law a few things you really do want for Christmas when she asks.  Show your daughter what you want when you are shopping together.  Don't be subtle.  Just ask for what you want.  This Gift Guide for the ladies in your life is a great place to start.

4.  Take Care of Yourself

I need to take care of me so I can take care of my family.

Even when life is busy, you have to take care of yourself.  In fact, it's even more important.  Don't let yourself get depleted because it's hard to catch up.  Even with all of the planning and prep, you will probably get frustrated, be cranky, and be super tired.  Give yourself grace and a ton of love.  Say nice things to yourself.  Go to bed early.  Take a long, hot bath.  Get a pedicure.  Do all that you can to take care of your needs so that you can meet the needs of your family members.  See more ideas for Self Care.

Most of the time, our unhappiness, stress and frustrations starts in our minds.  If we can adjust our mindsets at this holiday season, we can have the Best Christmas Ever!

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