Halloween Home Decor in the Kitchen

 Spice up your kitchen with Spooky Halloween Touches.

Halloween Home Decor in the kitchen

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This year when I pulled the holiday bins out of my attic, I was inspired to add little pieces of Halloween to my kitchen.  I don't think I've ever decorated my kitchen for Halloween before.  So it was a fun challenge!  

Halloween Home Decor in the Kitchen

Halloween Sign for Halloween home decor in the kitchen

I started by making a Halloween sign.  It was a dollar store sign makeover that took just a few minutes to make.  See the post for full directions.  

Halloween Hand towel for kitchen Halloween decor

Then I whipped up this Halloween Hand Towel.  And the ideas just kept coming, so I kept going.  

Halloween home decor in the kitchen - magic light trick

I hung the Halloween sign on my Dowel Peg Rack, to which I also added a pom pom garland and a pumpkin jar of candy corn.  I also added boo and eek to the platters on my Dish Rack with simple letter stickers.  Also I used the magic light trick above the dish rack.  

Halloween home decor in the kitchen - pumpkins on open shelves

I still love these open shelves in my kitchen.  These are our most used dishes and it is so handy to have them easily available.  On the top shelf of our dish shelves, I added various pumpkins to a vintage scale and cake stands.  

Halloween Home Decor in the kitchen - pumpkin faces on canisters

One of my favorite things in our Halloween kitchen was adding jack o' lantern faces to our canisters.  I drew basic shapes like triangles and half circles, on the back of black vinyl and then cut the shapes out with scissors.  Similar to these Jack O' Lantern jars.  You could also use a die cut machine to cut the vinyl.

Halloween Home decor in the kitchen - put leaves, lights and pumpkins above cabinets

Above the cabinets on this side, I added some pumpkins, a leaf garland and some twinkle lights (that you can't see very well when it's light outside).  At night the lights look really pretty!

Halloween Kitchen - decorate with cookie cutters

I have a large collection of cookie cutters so I added some Halloween ones to cutting boards and our cookie jar as decoration.  They are so cute I hate them hidden in the drawer so using them to decorate makes me so happy!

Halloween Home Decor - easy ways to add Halloween charm to your kitchen

With a few simple things like pumpkins, leaf garland, letter stickers, Halloween cookie cutters, a Halloween sign and towel and jack o lantern faces on canisters, it's super simple to add Halloween Home Decor to a Kitchen.