10 DIY gift ideas that they'll actually like

 10 Ideas for Gifts You Can Make that Your Recipient Will Actually Like.

10 ideas for handmade gifts that people will actually like

It's less than 3 weeks until Christmas.  That means in CRUNCH time!  I know I'm feeling the pressure, so I'm sure you are too. I'm racking my brain and hustling through stores trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone on my list.  

If you've been thinking of ideas for handmade gifts, I've got you.  I have 10 Ideas for Gifts that your recipient will actually Like!  

1.  Wooden Last Name Sign 

Painted wood sign with last name using vinyl as a stencil

Several years ago I made a large sign with our last name to hang in our dining space.  I know it would make a great gift because it is often commented on and asked about when we have guests.  Using this tutorial for a name sign using vinyl as a stencil, you can make a wooden sign in any size for anyone on your Christmas list.  

2.  Stamped Metal Necklace Charm

10 great gift ideas - Stamped Metal necklace charm

Any girl in your life would love a necklace charm with her name or an inspiring word on it.  These are super simple to make.  With just a few supplies, you can make all of the ladies on your list a stamped metal charm for a necklace.

3.  Photo Calendar

10 DIY gifts - photo calendar

For several years I made Personalized Photo Calendars for my mother and sister in laws.  They loved them.  I filled the calendars with pictures of my kids.  My in laws raved about the calendars all year.  Its been a few years since I have made and gifted a calendar,  maybe I'll work on a few of these this year.  

4.  Ribbon Headbands

10 DIY gifts for Christmas - ribbon headbands

I've never been able to find headbands that fit me.  That is until I decided to make my own headbands with ribbon.  They can be customized to any size, with any available ribbon.  You could whip up a bunch of ribbon headbands in a variety of sizes and colors and give them to the gals in your life.  

5.  Hand Warmers

10 diy gifts for Christmas - felt heart handwarmers

Since Christmas happens at winter time, it's obviously cold outside.  You could easily whip up some Heart Hand Warmers and tuck them into a stocking or gift.  The handwarmers are super, super easy to make and would help keep a loved one warm when they go to school or work.

6.  Tote Bag

10 DIY Christmas Gifts to make - tote bag

It seems like there is always something I need to haul as I leave the house - library books, returns to make at the grocery store and the most important thing- snacks.  I like to keep several tote bags around to contain all of my things.  This Customized Tote Bag idea is so easy to make.  You could customize them with a name or snappy message for each recipient.  You could even use them as gift bags for other gifts. 

7.  Notebook and Pen

10 diy gifts to make and give - matching notebook and pen

Everyone needs notebooks and pens.  It is a fact.  We all have things to write down and keep track of.  So how about making a Matching Notebook and Pen set?  I can't think of anyone that wouldn't like this.  You could do cartoon characters for a child, pretty flowers for a female and an inspirational message for a man.  

8.  Junk Necklace

DIY gifts they'll actually like - junk necklace

When I go places I like to collect things to remind me, such as a seashell from the beach or a pressed coin from the aquarium.  How fun is it to turn those things into a  Junk Necklace and give it to someone?  Especially if its a souvenir from a place you went together?  Next year I think I'll collect items all year and make my loved ones necklaces from them.  So sweet and memorable!

9.  Planters from Baskets

diy christmas gifts - wicker basket planters

Plants are always a good gift idea.  And then if you pop the plant into a Wicker Basket Planter?  It makes the perfect gift.  Wicker baskets are really easy to find at the craft store or even the thrift store.  Then you can paint them with stripes, or any other pattern in various colors. Super easy and personalized gift!

10.  Wooden State Sign

diy gift ideas - wooden state sign

Wooden State Sign would make a great gift for anyone.  I live in Tennessee but am originally from Utah so I would love a sign with either state on it.  This sign is made with the same process as the name sign above.  You could make one for everyone on your list.  And they would actually like it!  Yay!  

DIY gifts to show how much you care

DIY Gifts aren't the cheap way out!  DIY gifts show that you care because you put extra thought and extra time into your gift.  Give any of these 10 DIY Gift Ideas that your recipient will actually like!