How to Decorate with Vintage Collections

If you are a collector of all the things (like me) then you need a place to display them.  I'm going to show you How to Decorate with Vintage Collections and Display them in a Cabinet.   

How to Decorate with Vintage Collections displayed in a cupboard.

I am a big time collector of so many things.  I love to thrift, go to the flea market and find all sorts of vintage treasures.  It's all fine and dandy to collect all the things, but then what do you do with them after?  Why you need a way to display them of course.  

Tips for How to Display Vintage Collections in a Cupboard

There is an art to displaying things in a visually pleasing way.  Everyone has their own style and their own spin on things, but these are my top display tips.  

White cabinet used to display a collection of vintage objects.

Tip Number One:   Decide on what kind of color scheme or decorating scheme you'd like to display.  In my case, I wanted a black and white and vintage theme.  

How to use a collection of white picnic baskets to decorate a cupboard.

Tip Number Two:  Gather all of the items you'd like to display and group them together.  I gathered all of the items in my stash that were black, white and vintagey.  
I found:
  • white picnic baskets
  • vintage game pieces
  • a collection of clocks
  • vintage hardware
  • spools
  • silver trays
  • books

Vintage Silver trays displayed in a wooden crate in a cupboard.

Tip Number Three:  Place grouped items inside of other containers.  I placed vintage game pieces in a glass jar, silver platters in a wooden crate, a collection of clocks in an enamelware tray, hardware in vintage jars, and spools in a vase.

Vintage clocks displayed in an enamel tray in a cupboard.

Tip Number Four:  Display the groups on different levels.   I placed the display items at various heights.  I used old metal pieces to display the jars at different heights to add interest.  

Jar of vintage game pieces as a collection displayed on a cupboard.

Tip Number Five:  Group Collections together.  Some collections look great spread out through out the cupboard, but others look good grouped all together.  In this instance, I grouped my vintage books along the bottom of the cupboard and turned them backwards to unify the colors.  

Display vintage books together in a group in a cupboard

To round the display out, I placed vintage shutters around the cupboard, a plant on top, a silver platter on the first shelf and a handmade General Store sign on the 2nd shelf.  

White Cupboard displaying vintage collections.

Displaying Vintage Items all together in a cupboard is a great way to display your treasures.  

How to Decorate with Vintage Collections pin 1000 x 1500

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