Birthday In a Box - easy birthday gift for anyone

Looking for a birthday gift to send to a loved one or even give in person?  This Birthday in A Box is the perfect, thoughtful gift!

Birthday In A Box - the perfect birthday gift for everyone

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Do you struggle with what to give to your friends and family for their birthday?  I totally understand.  I have several people in my family and in my friend group that have had birthdays lately.  But I think I have cracked the code on a great birthday gift . . . A Birthday in a Box.

What is a Birthday in a Box?  Well, it's pretty much a complete Birthday celebration given as a gift.  

Birthday in a Box - what to include in a birthday box

What to put in a Birthday In A Box Gift


Cake is the desert of choice for Birthday celebrations.  So cake makes the perfect thing to include in a birthday box.  Not to mention cake is super easy to find!

Birthday in a Box gift idea - cake mixes

Sometimes I like to include a regular cake mix and frosting that the recipient can easily bake for themselves.  Another idea is to use a mug cake mix.  If you are giving a gift in person, you could even give a baked cake or cupcakes that you make with love, or that you pick up from the bakery.

Birthday Party Supplies

A birthday is a great reason to decorate because everyone wants to be celebrated on their special day!

Birthday in a box - birthday banner to include in the birthday gift

A Birthday Decoration Kit is a great thing to include in a birthday box.  You could include:

My daughter celebrated her birthday while she was away at college.  I sent her all of these Birthday Party Supplies for her to help her celebrate.

Birthday in a box - birthday napkins

If you have enough room in your box or want to include money, you could include Birthday Balloons


Candy is always a good thing to include in a birthday gift, I mean, who doesn't like candy?

Birthday in a box - candy gift

My favorite candy right now, and the one I keep buying for myself and for others are Nerd Clusters.  I cannot get enough of them and I think everyone else likes them as well.  I'm not a huge fan, but I know that Chocolate is always a good idea too.  

Personal Items

Birthday in a box - personal items like socks to include in a gift box

To make a Birthday In a Box more personal, you can include personal items for women like chapstick, nail polish, manicure kit, and/or some cute patterned socks.  

If it's for a male, you can include socks for men, chapstick, and of course a gift card is always good!

Easy Birthday Gift Idea - Give a Birthday in a Box

Birthday Gifts don't have to be extravagant to be thoughtful!  You can let your recipient know how loved they are with a few curated items that you put together as a Birthday in a Box!  

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