Thrift Store Haul and How to Start a Collection

In March's Thrift Store haul, I'll show you some of the thrifty items I found this month, how I styled them and collections you can start from your thrifty finds.  

March Thrift Store Haul - Pinterest Pin

You know what I love?  Hunting for stuff!  You know my favorite place to hunt for stuff?  The Thrift Store.  Thrifting is so much fun because you never know what sort of treasures you find.  I think that's what makes it so much fun for me - hoping and hunting to find something valuable to me!  


Thrift store haul for March - Woman standing in front of Thrift Smart thrift store in Nashville

March was a good month for me thrifting.  This month I hit my new favorite thrift store in the Nashville area - Thrift Smart.  I love Thrift Smart because it's clean, well organized and the prices are fantastic.  On top of all that, once a month they have a 50% off sale on all products, which means less money for more treasures!  

Thrift Store Haul - peg board display.

The main thing I found this month was a Peg Board Display, which I was super lucky to find at Thrift Smart.  It's like someone built it to fit my exact needs and then donated it so I could purchase it!   I found that it even folds up really conveniently, like I said - perfect!

Thrift Store Haul - peg board display to hold signs for Market.

Once I got it home, I spray painted the display black.  I bought some peg board hooks and it is a perfect place to display my signs.

Thrift Store Haul - china dishes and vases.

My other awesome finds for the month are a bunch of mis-matched delicate china, vases and vintage soda bottles. 

Display using thrift store soda bottles from thrift store haul.

I used the soda bottles holding real touch tulips in a spring vignette.  I will be using the china in a future project!  


Thrift Store Shopping - shopping cart at the thrift store.

I also hit up Goodwill a few times.  Sometimes when I go, I can't find anything and sometimes, I fill up my cart.  This was definitely a fill up the cart trip!

Goodwill thrift store haul - shutters, clipboards, garden supplies

This was my Goodwill Haul.  I found some shutters, clipboards, a plate display piece, some mini silver plates, a plant container and a plant stand.  


Buckets bought from the Facebook marketplace.

Have you ever bought anything from the Facebook Marketplace?  I love shopping from my phone, especially late at night.  In March, I found these amazing buckets for only $10!  Finding a great deal on a group of items, like the set of buckets, is a great way to start a collection.  

How to Use Thrifted Collections

Thrifted Collections in a bookshelf.

This bookshelf holds SO many of my thrifted collections.  I usually start a collection by finding one thing at the thrift store that catches my eye and then keep buying more and more.  
  • window
  • wicker suitcases
  • shutter
  • white platter and dishes
  • silver metal dishes
  • books

Thrifted Collections on a kitchen sideboard.

On my kitchen sideboard, I have a collection of white dishes.  I like to pick them up here and there when I find them.  I especially like when I'm lucky enough to find vintage ironstone, but I'm not too picky about the dishes as long as I like the look of them.  

Thrifted Platters on a dish rack and thrifted cutting boards on a peg board.

I placed a bunch of white platters on my dishrack.  I started my collection with one and then kept buying more and more as I found them.  That's also how I built my wooden cutting board collection hanging from the dowel peg rack.  

Thrifted Collections are super fun!  You start with one, just like the platters, and then just keep buying them as you find them!  Hopefully this inspired you to start your next collection of thrifted finds!