Christmas Santa Art with Yard Stick Poster Holder

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to hang a poster or art for Christmas I've got the easiest project for you - Yard Stick Poster Holder for Christmas Santa Art.  

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It's finally time.  It's what we've been waiting for.  It's Christmas!!  Yay! I've been working for what seems like weeks to get all the nooks and crannies in my house decorated with holiday cheer.  I've been in a hurry to get done, but also wanted to take my time and enjoy it.  

After getting my tree up, I had a spot in my living room that was bare.  Gasp!  We cannot have an empty spot.  When I took into consideration all of the stuff that was already in the room - the tree, the stockings, the lights and the garlands, I didn't want to add too much more.  So after going through my plethora of Christmas bins again, I found a vintage reproduction Santa poster that was the perfect touch for this space.  

Now the big question was how to hang it.  I could have framed it.  I also could have simply adhered it to the wall with poster putty.  But where is the DIY fun in that?  In that spirit, I decided to make a poster holder.  

Santa poster art with yard stick poster holder.

I purchased my poster at a local craft fair several years ago.  While I couldn't find my exact poster, I found several other options.  

How to Make a Yard Stick Poster Holder

Making a poster holder with yard sticks is super easy.  You only need a few supplies and you may even have them on hand.  But if you don't, they are readily available.

Use Hand saw to cut yard sticks to size for poster holder.

I have a collection of vintage yard sticks in my garage.  I like to use them on projects like this one and this one.  I grabbed 2 vintage and 2 new yard sticks and cut them with a hand saw to 22 inches.  I used new yard sticks because I didn't want to hide the vintage goodness for the back of the poster.  

Use magnet tape on both yard sticks to hold a poster.

I placed about a 5 inch piece of magnetic roll tape on the back of the yard stick that will be the front of the poster holder.  Then I placed a matching piece on the back of the back yard stick.  I let the magnets stick together then placed a heavy book on top to hold it for an hour or so.  Magnet tape is self sticking, but it might not be a bad idea to use glue to hold the tape in place.

How to put a poster in a yard stick poster holder.

How to put the poster onto the hanger

Unroll the poster and lay it out on a flat surface.  Use weights to hold the corners if necessary.  Place the bottom back piece underneath the bottom of the poster.  Then carefully place the top on.  Be careful when adjusting so the poster doesn't rip.

How to hang a yard stick poster holder with twine.

Once the yard sticks are holding the poster, use twine to hang it.  Wrap the twine around the top ends of the yard sticks leaving some slack to hang the poster from a hook or nail.

Santa poster with yard stick poster holder.

Rather than use a hanger or anything that would catch the eye, I pounded a small nail into the wall so that it would be unnoticeable.  

Santa poster with yard stick poster holder.

This Santa poster makes the perfect Christmas touch on this wall in my living room.  It was so easy to make.  If you have a spot in your house that needs a little somethin' somethin', grab a Santa poster and make a Yard Stick Poster Holder today.

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