Shamrocks made from cloth

If you're looking for a cute and fun way to decorate for St. Patrick's Day, I have a tutorial for Shamrocks Made from Cloth Fabric.

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The state of the world is kinda crazy.  I guess it always is, but with the sensational character of 24 hour social media, it's in our faces all  the  time.  Life today seems a little bit worse than normal and because of that, I am always looking for ways to celebrate life.  Celebrating brings joy to the mundane part of life.

Since it is now March, the next holiday is St. Patrick's Day.  I wouldn't say March 17 is a super popular holiday, but with a love of holiday decorating and my desire to celebrate, I decided to do a few projects.  For this project, I used items I had on hand and spent no money.  

How to Make Shamrocks from Cloth Fabric

I used green fabric from my stash and some green cloth napkins I got at the thrift store a few months ago.

Fabric used to make shamrocks.

If you aren't a collector of fabric and other craft supplies, you can easily purchase items from the craft store.

Supplies to make Shamrocks from fabric

Printed Shamrock Pattern pinned to fabric and cut with scissors.

Print out the shamrock pattern on regular computer paper with paper scissors (NOT the fabric scissors - oh the shame).  Pin it onto a pile of 2 pieces of fabric and 2 pieces of batting.  Carefully cut the shape out with fabric scissors.

Sew fabric shamrocks and batting with sewing machine.

Put the pile all together and sew around the edge of the shamrock shape.  Go very slowly and carefully around the curves.   Repeat all of the steps with the various colors of fabric.

Fabric Shamrocks sewn around the edges with sewing machine.

Then you'll be left with Shamrocks made from fabric.  I like the rustic, imperfect nature of these shamrocks, which is a good thing because this is the extent of my sewing skills.  haha.

Fabric Shamrocks in a glass jar.

I placed the fabric shamrocks into a large glass cannister along with Styrofoam shamrocks.  I placed the jar on top of a jade cake stand.  Glass cannisters and cake plates are such great items to keep in your stash.  I can't tell you how many times and in how many different ways I have used these in my home decor.

Fabric Shamrocks in a glass jar with LUCK letters in background.

I placed the jar into a St. Patrick's Day vignette.  I layered an empty frame in front of vintage wooden shutters.  Onto the frame, I tied ribbons.  Then I clipped marquee letters onto the ribbon with wooden clothespins.   Marquee Letters and wooden clothespins are another stash staple.  The letters are a bit of an investment, but I have used them so much.  If you don't want to spend the money to buy letters, you can make your own.

Fabric Shamrocks in a glass jar with LUCK letters in background.

May the road rise up to meet you.  May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face; the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of His hand.  The Irish Blessing.

These Shamrocks Made From Fabric are easy and super inexpensive to make.  They would make such a fun addition to any St. Patrick's Day decorating.

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