Easter Vignette

Easter is a little over a week away and I have been having lots of fun adding bunnies and eggs and all the Easter things to my home d├ęcor.  Today I'm sharing an Easter Vignette with Fresh Greenery, Bunnies and Eggs.

Easter Vignette with fresh greenery, bunnies, and eggs Pinterest Pin.

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Sometimes I think I may over do it on the decorating and redecorating my house.  But then I remember how much I love adding fresh new looks for all of the holidays and everything in between.  So maybe I decorate just enough!  

Black farmhouse front door.

Right inside my front door sits a table I got at the flea market and it is one of my favorite spots to decorate.  The light from the dining room hits it just so and it makes such a happy spot!  

Easter Vignette on flea market table.

How to Put an Easter Vignette Together

I layered on a bunch of stuff to make this vignette.  Nothing says Spring to me like fresh plants and bunnies.  So I grouped them on the chippy table..

Progression of Easter Vignette from start to finish.

  • Like I stated above, the table is from the flea market.  I found it like this with the green paint showing through the chippy gray paint.  It's such a perfect color!
  • On top of the table I started with a white window given to me by a friend.  Since the window is sitting on the table, I used velcro to hold it against the wall.
  • I added a green wooden riser to one side of the table.
  • Then I placed 3 buckets with fresh plants in them on the left side.  There are 2 house plants:  ZZ plant and Pothos.  I also added fresh lavender that I will eventually plant in my garden.
  • On top of the riser, I added a wire basket filled with a white fabric bunny and some eggs.
  • As a final touch I poked Easter flags and plant picks into the plants with vintage Easter cards.

Galvanized Buckets with fresh plants in Easter Vignette..

Galvanized Buckets with fresh plants and plant picks.

Easter Vignette with fabric bunny and faux eggs.

Easter Vignette with fabric bunny and faux eggs.

Easter Vignette with fresh plants.

I find myself walking by this little spot all the time as it sits right inside my front door and right around the corner from the stairs.  It makes me so happy to see a bunch of my favorite things all grouped together.  This Easter Vignette full of Plants, Bunnies and Eggs is such a happy spot.