4 Simple Daily Tasks to Keep a Clean Home

Do you have a hard time keeping your house clean?  Are you inspired to do a Spring Clean of your space?  Today I have 4 Simple Tasks You Can Do Daily to Keep a Clean Home.

4 Simple Daily Tasks for a Clean Home - Pinterest Pin.

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It's Spring.  And do know what we do in the Spring?  We clean our houses!  Or maybe you don't, and that's ok. The thought of taking on a giant project of cleaning an entire house from top to bottom does sound pretty overwhelming.  

What if I told you that you don't need to do a giant cleaning project?  What if I told you that you can keep your house clean with 4 Simple Daily Tasks?  I promise and I'll show you how.

4 Simple Daily Tasks to Keep Your Home Clean

I promise these tips work.  I have been practicing them for years and years and they are the secret to successfully keeping my house clean most of the time. 

Don't misunderstand me, I do not have my junk together all the time.  Despite my house being mostly clean, I am very messy, just like every other human on the earth.  We are all messy at times and I don't just mean having a messy house.  But as for house keeping, I have found that it is so much easier to keep up with cleaning in small amounts than to do a large job.   

Another thing to remember - my kids are no longer small.  2 of my kids have left home for college.  My youngest child is 14 and spends most of his time playing video games in his room.  (BTW- his room is a disaster most of the time, but that's on him.)

Now on with the tips:

1.  Pick Up/Clean Up 

4 tasks to keep a clean house - pick up/clean up often.

For the most part, this tip involves cleaning up your stuff!  I do a clean up/pick up multiple times a day.  Some quick tips: 
  • Put systems in place to start with organizing your house..
  • When things are messy, set a timer for 10-15 mins to pick up/put away as many things as possible.  Carry a laundry basket to place stray items.  
  • Don't leave things sitting out when you could take 4 more steps and put them where they go.
  • Have a parking place for toys, shoes, coats, backpacks and all of the things that you use every day.  

2.  Dishes

4 Simple Tasks to keep a clean home - dishes.

Ok, this tip I think is the most important one-  Keep your sink clean.  
  • Do not put dishes in the sink - dishes sitting in the sink all day or night are so gross.  I think I would rather throw them out than have to take the time to wash them.  
  • Put all used dishes directly into the dishwasher.  Teach your kids to do the same; I promise they can and will do it.  You may have to remind them several times, but it will work.  
  • If you don't have a dishwasher, that is a total bummer.  Wash your dishes after each meal.  Yes it will take you an extra 2 minutes, but that's way better than spending and hour cleaning a stinky, slimy pile of dishes that you have left sitting in the sink all day.
  • Clean up as you cook dinner.  I cook dinner most nights and this is what I do.  While dinner is baking, I clean up all the prep dishes.  After eating, I put leftovers away and clean the rest of the dishes or put them in the dishwasher right away.
  • Wipe your kitchen counters when you do the dishes.
  • Start the dishwasher each night before bed and empty it when you wake up in the morning.

3.  Clean Floors

4 tips for keeping a clean home - clean floors.

With people living here and a crazy shedding dog, our floors take a beating.  We have laminate wood floors on our lower level and carpet upstairs.  About a month ago, we got a robot vacuum and it has been life changing!  I have it scheduled to run every morning.  Since getting the vacuum, I have not had to sweep or vacuum downstairs.  I also just got a new upright vacuum yesterday and am pumped to use it to keep my upstairs clean.  

Before the robot vacuum, I swept or vacuumed my floors daily.  It only takes a few minutes and can be done while talking to my husband about our days or while preparing a meal.  

4.  Laundry

4 simple tasks for a clean home - laundry.

Oh laundry.  It's the chore that we all have to do, so why not find a way to make it work a little bit better, huh?  Something that has changed my laundry game is keeping 3 baskets in my bathroom closet.  My family sorts their clothes into darks, lights and whites as they remove them.  (I promise that your kids can/will sort their clothes too.  My kids have been doing it since they were toddlers.)  One full laundry basket = a laundry load.  So when one of the basket fills up, I throw a load in.  When it's only one load, it's not so overwhelming. 
  • Make sure to only start the load when you can finish it.  Plan your day around it - I promise it's not as bad as it sounds.  I usually start a load first thing in the morning then take my son to school.  When I get home, I place the clothes into the dryer.  About 20 minutes into the cycle I take out the shirts and hang them to finish drying.  Wrinkles can be smoothed while the clothes are a bit damp still.
  • Once the rest of the load has finished drying, I pull the clothes out immediately.  I sort the clothes for each family member.  I fold shorts, pj's and joggers, but leave socks and undies unfolded.  I place the clothing into small laundry baskets (similar to these) that I keep in a stack on the shelves in my laundry closet.  
  • After the clean clothes are sorted into each family members basket, I put the baskets into everyone's rooms.  Each person is responsible for putting their laundry away and returning the basket to the laundry closet. 

4 simple daily tasks to keep a clean home.

None of these tasks are life altering- I am sure you are a version of them.  Even if these exact ones don't work for you, the trick is to do daily tasks that DO work!  Doing chores in smaller chunks more often, will help you keep your house clean.  Use these 4 Simple Daily Tasks to Keep Your Home Clean.