Photo Backdrop for wedding decorations

 If you're looking for a beautiful way to decorate for a wedding, I have an idea for a Photo Backdrop.

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I'm back today with another wedding post.  It's been so fun to relive the beautiful wedding of my son and new daughter in law as I do the wedding posts which include, Wedding Invitations and Neon Name Light.  Today I'm sharing how I made the photo back drop that we used for the wedding decorations.

photo backdrop wedding decorations

Supplies needed to make a photo back drop

Photos mounted on foam core for wedding.

Since I did the photo shoot for my son's wedding invitations, I had access to lots of other photos to use for the back drop.  I had 10 photos blown up here- 2 photos were 11 x 14, 8 photos were 8 x 10.  I cut foam core to the same size as the photos with a hobby knife.  I brushed mod podge onto the foam core and then laid the photo on top to attach then.  Once the mod podge dried, the photos were attached to the foam core.

Use a Crop o dile to make holes in photo corners.

I pulled out one of my old trusty scrapbook tools, the Crop A Dile and used it to make holes in the corners of the mounted photos.  This tool is so great to use because it can cut through the photo and foam core without bending either.

Mounted photos hanging with fishing line.

I tied fishing line to each of the corners.  I left long strands to be able to tie the photos to the back drop stand.  

Photo back drop with Christmas lights and eucalyptus garland.

I used green strand Christmas lights and eucalyptus garlands to wrap around the backdrop.

Photo Back drop for wedding decorations.

How to Set up Photo Back Drop at a Wedding

At the wedding venue, I set up the back drop stand.  I wrapped the Christmas lights around the back drop stand top and down the each of the legs.  It took 4 eucalyptus garlands to wrap around the entire stand.  Once all of the decorations were in place, I was able to hang the wedding photos.  I started with the larger photos and then filled in the rest of the space with the smaller photos.  Once it was all set up, I plugged in the Christmas lights and it was good to go.  

Photo back drop at a wedding.

The wedding guests loved the back drop.  Since they were there to celebrate the wedding, they loved seeing photos of the bride and groom.  Making a Photo Backdrop for a Wedding is a great way to 
decorate for a wedding.