Wedding Venue Direction Signs

Want to learn how to make cute and customized direction signs that will lead to your wedding venue?  Today I have How to Make Wedding Direction Signs.

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If you're planning a wedding, you know that it's all of the little details that can be so overwhelming.  Believe me, I know, and I am the grooms mom.  I can't imagine what it's like being the mother of the bride and trying to plan All The Things!  Maybe someday when my daughter gets married I'll have the chance to do that.  

Anyway, my son and his wife's wedding reception was held at a local state park.  Now when I say that I'm sure you're thinking that's not a very fancy place to have a reception.  But this place was amazing with rustic wood paneling, tall ceilings, gorgeous doors and windows, several fire places, and so much more.  But since it was a state park, the location was a little bit hard to find.  That's why we needed direction signs.  

How to Make Wedding Venue Direction Signs

As I browsed for ideas, I found that signage is one of the many areas of a wedding that could be pricey.  But after careful research, I figured out a way to make signs for very little cost.  

Wedding Venue Direction Signs hanging from metal flag holder.

I was able to find most of the supplies at the dollar store.  If you aren't able to find supplies at your local dollar store, I'll include links to other sources.

Supplies used to make wedding venue direction signs.

Supplies to make Wedding Direction Signs

Wedding direction signs on canvas.

Directions for making Direction Signs

Prepare Canvas.    Prepare the canvas by brushing it with mod podge.  I did this so the vinyl would stick easier and so that the canvas would be somewhat water proof.  (This was some foretelling of the major storm that would roll through the area.) 

Design Wording.  While the mod podge is drying, design the wording. I used the silhouette software.  Make sure to use fonts that are easily readable.  Once you have designed the words in the size that you want, cut the words out from black permanent vinyl.

Apply Vinyl.  Using transfer tape, apply the vinyl to the canvas.  Then carefully brush it with a top coat of mod podge.  

Make holes.  Once the mod podge has dried, use the Crop a Dile to punch holes in each corner at the top of the canvas.  Thread ribbons though the holes and tie in a knot.  To keep the ribbon from fraying, you can melt the ends by placing it in a flame for a couple of seconds.  

Garden Flag Holder to hang wedding venue signs.

As I said above, I found almost all of the supplies at the dollar store.  But since they are inexpensive items, they can kinda be cheap too.  The flag holders I bought at the dollar store could barely support the weight of the canvas.  Luckily I found sturdy flag holders at the thrift store.  (How lucky is that?)

Wedding Venue Direction Sign hanging from garden flag holder.

Hang Canvas Sign.  Thread the ribbon loops onto the pole of the garden flag holder and it is ready to placed into the ground.  The address given on the wedding invitations we sent out led to the ranger station at the entrance to the park.  The venue the reception was held in was about 0.5 miles away, down a windy tree filled road.  So I placed about 6 of these direction signs along the road so guests would know they were in the right place.

Wedding Venue Direction Sign hanging from garden flag holder.

The night of the reception we did end up having a severe thunderstorm with a tornado warning - and these signs held up just fine.  They weren't water logged and the vinyl held up just fine.  I was very pleasantly surprised.

Wedding Venue Direction Sign hanging from garden flag holder.

Wedding Venue Direction Signs aren't necessarily essential to a wedding celebration, but they are a fun detail that sure to make finding the wedding venue easier for your guests.  

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