How to Prepare Now for Christmas

If you're looking for ideas to make your holidays a little less stressful, here are some ideas to Prepare Now for Christmas.

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Let's be honest, Christmas can be overwhelming.  I know it's the most wonderful time of year and all, but it's also a lot of decorating, activities, gift shopping, baking, parties, craft making, traveling, and traditions mixed in with every day work, school and keeping up with the house and kids.  It's a lot to pack in between Thanksgiving and New Years.  

Christmas Prep Ideas to do Now

So what is a crafty girl to do?  Plan very carefully and as early as possible, like now! Here is what I am doing this year to help prepare for Christmas! 

Prioritize Everything

Time is a scarce commodity during the holidays so you will have to edit your activities to fit your schedule.  Ask everyone in your family what the most important things for them are during the holidays and put those as a priority.  It may surprise you what you thought was so important may not be.  

Carefully Update Calendar

Christmas Prep to do now - update calendar carefully.

THE MOST IMPORTANT part of prepping now for Christmas is staying up to do date on our family calendar.  EVERYTHING gets written on it.  That way we know what is already scheduled and can plan our other activities accordingly.  My suggestion is to be very mindful as you plan what activities you add to your calendar during this busy time.  Only do the most important things and remember that it's totally ok to say no.

I use Google Calendar that is shared with my family to keep us all on the same page.  But I also use an undated planner on my desk to write things down

Make Lists

Use notes on phone to keep Christmas list.

As I have talked about many times before, I use the notepad on my phone for all kinds of lists.  This is especially important this time of year with so much going on.  I keep a to do list that I update all day as I check tasks off, a project list for all of the crafts I want to make, a baking list and of course a Christmas Gift List.

Use a passcode to lock Christmas list on your phone.


Did you know that you can Lock the notes in your phone?  It's so handy to keep those notes away from prying kid or spouse eyes.   

How to Lock a Note on your iPhone

  • In the note you wish to lock, press the circle with the 3 dots in the upper right corner.
  • A box will pop up and give you the option of locking it.
  • You can assign a passcode or use Face ID.  
  • That's it.  SO simple!

Plan your Decorations Early

I don't know if you know this or not, but stores sell out of Christmas decorations early.  It is only mid Novmber right now yet Hobby Lobby has already put all of their Christmas for sale at 60% off.  So if you wait until mid December to purchase, there is a good chance that the things you want will be gone.  I have actually been planning (not necessarily buying) since Hobby Lobby and other stores put their Christmas out before Halloween.

Buy it When You See it

Thrifted Christmas decorations.

This applies to both decorations (see above bullet point) and gifts.   Each time I am out thrifting, I keep an eye out for vintage Christmas decorations.  I keep a tote in my craft storage for those items.  The off season is when lots of good stuff shows up in thrift stores so be sure to keep an eye out.

Also, this also applies to Christmas gifts.  I like to be constantly on the look out for the perfect Christmas gift for my family members and friends.  And with my handy dandy Christmas list on my notes (also see above) I always know exactly what I have already purchased.

Christmas Gift Ideas

Since we are on the subject of Christmas prep and shopping, I am going to share a few Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas gift idea for the one who has everything artza box.

The Artza Box is the perfect gift idea for the one on your list who has everything.  I love these boxes because their mission is connect Christians to the Holy Land.  The box also supports Israeli artisans, businesses and charities.  The items are so unique and make such a great gift!  You can sign up for a gift subscription to have the box delivered to your recipient.  If you use the code CANDICE25 you will receive 25% off your Artza Box.  Try it.  You will be so impressed with the quality and variety of items you receive right to your door.  Check out my IG to see a video tour of the artza box!

More Gift Ideas:

I love these overalls which I bought for myself.  They are super comfy, stylish which is awesome because they feel like pj's but help a girl look put together!  They would be a great gift for your bestie!

This handheld vacuum is for sure at the top of my Christmas list.  This may be another to me from me gift.

This phone tripod is perfect for the video maker, craft doer or anyone that uses their camera for social media - like your teens doing tik tok dances! 

My husband has this portable air compressor that he uses to keep our car tires properly inflated and he loves how easy it is to use and the screen.

This back pack is perfect as an every day purse.  The caramel color goes with everything, the strap gives it a cute pop of color and the back pack straps keep the bag secure!

This robot vacuum might be the best purchase we have made this year.  We literally use it every single day.  It keeps up with our very sheddy dog that goes in and out of the house all day every day.

Santa Claus cookie jar.

With a little bit of prep now, you can enjoy your holidays so much more!  Use these Ideas to Help you Prepare Now for Christmas.

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