How to Switch Halloween Decorations to Thanksgiving

If you're looking for ideas to decorate for Thanksgiving. I'm going to show you How to Switch Halloween Decorations to Thanksgiving.

How to Switch Halloween Decorations to Thanksgiving Pinterest Pin.

Now that Halloween is over, it's time to decorate for Christmas.  Just kidding.  Not that I don't want to deck the halls because I do, but there is another holiday I like to decorate for too- Thanksgiving!   But don't be surprised if I come back next time with a little bit of Christmas magic.

How to Switch Halloween Decorations to Thanksgiving

I did a lot of fall decorating in September.  That way I only had to add the spooky, or not-so-spooky as the case may be, stuff for Halloween.  Now I am switching the spooky for Thankfulness, Turkeys and Gratitude.  

Halloween Decorations on Step Back Cabinet.

For Halloween, I did a candy corn theme in my favorite white cabinet.  Today, since it's November 1, the Halloween decorations needed to come down.  And heaven forbid I not redecorate.  I shudder at the thought!  :)

Reproduction Thanksgiving flash cards.

Thanksgiving Printables.

I used several printables, some for free and some I got on Etsy.  I knew they would be a great, simple and inexpensive addition to my Thanksgiving decorations!  

Thanksgiving printables in vintage pitchers and creamers.

Thanksgiving printables in vintage pitchers and creamers.

In the vintage pitchers and creamers on the shelf, I exchanged the Halloween for Thanksgiving printables on plant picks.  I'm telling ya, if you haven't made plant picks yet, you need to.  They are so handy as flair in plants and for putting cute printables in pitchers and creamers.

Thanksgiving Cloche with cement pumpkin.

I changed the BOO letter stamps that were under the cloche for THANK.  Then I returned the cute cement pumpkin (that I got from a cute IG shop that I can't find now) and placed the glass dome on top.  

Thankful scrabble letters in thanksgiving decor.

As a final touch, I placed THANKFUL scrabble letters on a tray in front of the fabric pumpkins in a wire basket.  And just like with the Halloween decorations, the twinkle lights add charm and sparkle!  

Thanksgiving decorations on step back cupboard

It's super easy to swap out Halloween Decorations to Thanksgiving.  With just a couple of printables and a few things that I had on hand I was able to do it in about an hour.  I am happy with how the cupboard turned out and think it will stay this way and at least a week.