Step Back Cupboard Halloween Decorations

 If you're looking for Halloween Decorating ideas for a Step Back Cupboard read on.

Step Back Cupboard Decorated for Halloween pinterest pin.

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I purchased this cupboard many years ago at a yard sale.  It's been painted many different colors and had several configurations.  I wish I had a photo of what it looked like originally - it had doors on top and was painted in a yellow crackle finish.  The most recent color it is sporting is white and it might be my favorite!  I love this cupboard and it is a staple in my holiday decorating.

Step back cupboard decorated for Halloween.

Recently I found out it was called a Step Back Cupboard because the top of the cabinet sits back from the bottom.  I love that the bottom sits out a little more than the top, it's just so charming!  I'm not sure just how old this cabinet is but I've had it for at least 10 years so I'm pretty sure that almost makes it vintage.

Thrift store pitcher filled with leaves and pumpkins stems.

To decorate the cupboard I used things I had on hand.  I didn't do too many overt Halloween decorations because I tried to blend the spooky stuff in with the vintage stuff I love.  

Up top, I filled a thrift store pitcher with faux leaves and pumpkins stems.  They sit beside my vintage picnic baskets.

Pitchers filled with 3 and 1 on picks.

The next shelf down is filled with a collection of pitchers and creamers.  I filled them with various things from numbers on picks to thread spools.  The black numbers are spiral numbers from an old store display.  The cream numbers are cut from a vintage subtraction flash card.

Pitcher filled with printable Halloween flash cards.

I filled one of the pitchers with Halloween Flash Cards (get them here) and another with candy corn trees

Halloween decor on step back cupboard.

I placed a bunch of book page shredded paper in the pitchers and creamers to add texture.  This post shows how I made the book page shred.  The next shelf down I filled a vintage wire basket with velvet pumpkins, next to one of my beloved pothos house plant and an adorable metal crow I purchased at a local boutique.

Vintage creamers with candy corn bottle brush trees.

I placed 2 vintage creamers in a group on one side with candy corn bottle brush trees and more book page shred. I placed one of the creamers on a wooden spool to give it a little more height.

Halloween cloche with cement pumpkin.

I put together this fun vignette.  I made the small cake stand similar to this.  One the cake stand I placed candy corns, some B O O letters stamps, a cement pumpkin with a spider ring on the stem.  Then I covered it with a thrifted cloche.  This might be my favorite little vignette in this cupboard.

Halloween home decor on cupboard.

I filled the bottom of the shelf with lots of books, including some of my distressed ones, and leaned a fabric candy corn pillow I bought at a local boutique.  

Step back cupboard halloween decorations.

As the final piece of magic for this spot, I strung a strand of battery operated fairy lights.  This Step Back Cupboard is such a fun spot to decorate for Halloween.  I will be sad when the holiday is over.  Actually, no I won't because it will almost be time to decorate for Christmas!