Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard Early Spring Decor

If you're in the mood for early Spring, I am sharing my Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard decorated for Early Spring!  

Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard Early Spring Decor Pinterest pin.

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I heard a term the other day that appeals to me, Cozy Farmhouse.  I think that is they style that I am most drawn to for my home décor.  It encompasses everything that I like- warmth, comfortable, worn, woods and whites.  And now that it's March, I am ready for Spring.  So I'm sharing my Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard Early Spring Décor.

How to Decorate for Early Spring in Cozy Farmhouse Style

Step Back Cupboard painted white.

I have had this cupboard for many years and it's been many different colors.  It is my main space to decorate in my living room, kind of like a centerpiece.   The bottom shelf has lighting like this.  To start my early spring décor, I cleaned everything off and dusted it with this cleaner and these cloths.  

Start with back ground on cupboard.

The first things I put back into the cupboard were the back ground pieces.  On the bottom, I returned my favorite books back where they were.  I just love these books and think they add so much warmth!  On the middle shelf I placed a piece of weathered wood that's painted green.  On the top shelf, I added a green tool box.  (I later added a wooden shutter stuck on the back of the cupboard with command velcro)

Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard Early Spring Decor.

After getting the foundation pieces in place, I went through the stash of things I have picked up here and there from the thrift store.  I gathered a bunch of things in shades of green and displayed them all together.

Top of cupboard with early spring decor.

Top Shelf

On the top of the cabinet, I placed a vintage black suitcase.  I also placed a vintage ice cream bucket with a pothos plant.  On top of the suitcase I placed a vintage chamber pot with a fern.

Clover Tea cup early spring decor.

On the top shelf starting on the left, I placed a collection of metal cake pans.  Inside the cake pans I placed one of my favorite pieces of the season, a tea cup with little clovers on it.  I found it a few weeks ago at the thrift store and love it so much!  I put a little faux greenery sprig in the tea cup.  

Tool box and ironstone pitchers.

In the center, I placed a vintage toolbox in this amazing green color.  I placed 2 ironstone pitchers on top of the toolbox.  

Ironstone pitchers and wooden spools.

On the right side, I placed 2 more ironstone pitchers with wooden spools.

Glass Cloches with small figurines.

Second Shelf

On the second shelf, I placed a few of my glass cloches that give small figurines greater importance.  The left one is made starting with a yellow stone ware bowl.  Inside I placed a stack of green restaurant ware dishes and a small jam jar, topped with a cloche.  The right one is made with vintage sheep shakers on a plate, topped with a cloche.  The bottom is a piece of vintage light fixture - see more about that here.  

Wooden Crate with glass bottles.

Next to the cloches, I placed a wooden crate filled with vintage glass bottles.  I placed a little flag in one of the bottles.

Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard Early Spring Decor.

In my Cozy Farmhouse Cupboard I have a lot of whites, woods and splashes of green.  I love how it all looks together.  It's warm and cozy!