Fall Vignette with Thrift Store Finds

Have you ever found an awesome piece at the thrift store but didn't know what to do with it?  This post is going to show How to Use Thrift Store Finds in a Fall Vignette.

How to Use Thrift Store Finds in a Fall Vignette pinterest pin.

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Even though it feels like summer outside, it is almost September and that means Fall!  Recently on a trip to the thrift store, I found a few fall things and am going to show how I used them in my home décor vignette.  

Fall Vignette with thrift store finds.

Thrift Store Finds for Fall

I went to the thrift store looking for fall inspiration.  And I found inspiration and lots of other things too!  

Resin owl with gem eyes at the thrift store.

I found this resin owl and wasn't interested at first because of the gems on the eyes.  Those are just creepy.  But after careful inspection I decided I could remove them and paint the owl.

Resin owl painted copper with craft paint.

Once I got this cutie home, I removed the gem eyes by picking them off.  I brushed on a coat of copper metallic paint.  Once it dried, I distressed the owl and little bit with sandpaper.  Then I wiped on a bit of antiquing medium to tone down the metallic a little bit.

Thrift store glass lidded jar.

I also found a cute lidded glass jar.  It was in really good condition so I bought it as well.  Sometimes glass ware is cracked or has flaws so be sure to look it over really well before purchasing.

Thrift Store lidded jar with pumpkin filler.

In the jar, I placed pumpkin pods, which I also found at the thrift store.   I love those cute pods! 

How to Put Together a Fall Vignette with Thrift Store Finds 

Once I had my thrifted finds put together, I was ready to put together the vignette in the white cabinet in my living room.

Fall Vignette with thrift store finds.

This white cabinet is one that I use as a cornerstone in my home décor.  It has been painted many different colors, been in many different rooms and decorated in many different ways.  It is currently white in my living room.  I layered in a bunch of different things so create the look I was going for.

Bird themed fall vignette with thrift store finds.

Steps to Layered Decorating  Start at the back of the place you are decorating.  In this piece I used a pair of wooden shutters.  On the second shelf I placed a vintage wooden sign that I got last weekend.  I then filled in the rest of the spaces with jars of fall items, glass bottles, crocks and various brass pieces.  

Wooden crow in fall vignette.

I decided to do a bird theme in this vignette.  I used crows, the cute owl from above and then filled in with feathers.

Fall Vignette with fairy lights.

Once the vignette was all set up, I placed a set of battery operated fairy lights.  I especially like these lights because they can be turned on with a remote.  They add charm and warmth to this vignette and I love it!  

Fall Vignette with fairy lights.

This is such a cozy vignette and it makes me so happy and excited to pull all of my fall items out.  This Fall Vignette with Thrift Store Finds is the perfect start to my fall home décor.