Come Follow Me Printable July 1-7

Here is a Free Printable Come Follow Me Study Sheet for Alma 17-22.

Come Follow Me Free Printable July 1 Pinterest pin.

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I feel like I am finally getting into my groove for summer.  I am loving slow mornings, sunshine, no schedule etc.  With the slower pace of summer it would be really easy to forget Come Follow Me.  But fear not, that is what making these printables is all about.  I make one every week and stick it on our fridge.  Since I works so well for my family, I am offering them here as well.

What is Come Follow Me?

What is Come Follow Me?  I'm so glad you asked.  In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we believe that studying is what can help us deepen our conversion and help us become more like Jesus Christ. We want the kind of gospel learning that strengthens our faith and leads to the miracle of conversion, but that doesn’t happen all at once. It extends beyond a classroom into an individual’s heart and home. It requires consistent, daily efforts to understand and live the gospel. True conversion requires the influence of the Holy Ghost.  Our study program to help us learn and become more like Jesus is called Come Follow Me.

Come Follow Me Book of Mormon 

In 2024 we are studying the Book of Mormon.  We use Come Follow Me- Book of Mormon at church at and home because it is a resource for anyone who wants to learn from the Book of Mormon—individually, as a family, and in Church classes. If you haven’t studied the scriptures regularly in the past, this resource can help you get started. If you already have a good habit of scripture study, this resource can help you have more meaningful experiences.

Free CFM Printable Study Sheets for Alma 13-16

Each week we are prompted with a new set of scriptures to read and learn from.  The church does an amazing job with these lessons and does not be to be improved upon.  I just take the information and  make a study sheet that is easy to print off and have in a space that we can all learn from.  

Come Follow Me Printable Alma 17-22.

Come Follow Me Printable Alma 17-22 no photo.

How to Save and Print Come Follow Me Printable

  • For Windows:  Right click on one of the images above.  When the menu pops up, click Save Image As and assign it a place to save on your computer.  I organize my photos by year, by month and then by subject.  I keep a "Come Follow Me" folder in each month of photos on my computer.  
  • Print out the printable on printer paper.  This is the printer I use.  
  • Hang it somewhere in your house that your family can see often.  I hang mine on our fridge, right above the water dispenser with these magnets.
  • This is the most important one - Feel good that you've made an effort to do Come Follow Me for the week!  :)

Come Follow Me July 1 printable with mini flags.

I am so thankful for the Come Follow Me program because the way some days go, with out the help the church (and the other resources) provide and the printable hanging on my fridge, I don't know if I'd do any scripture studying at all!  

Also there is no need to feel guilty if you haven't done studying before.  Today is the perfect opportunity to start a new habit of studying.   I know that the Lord does not expect perfection, he just wants us to try!  So print off your Come Follow Me Printable and set a goal for scripture study this week to gain new insights and strengthen your testimony.  

Other Come Follow Me Resources

I use a lot of other resources in my personal Come Follow Me study.  
  • the Don't Miss This podcast and videos 
  • the podcast called One Minute Scripture Study
  • B of M 365 on Instagram.  I especially love to read the comments because it's like a really good Sunday School lesson with lots of participation.  
  • Come Follow Me Study on Instagram.  On the this account, Calli does a big picture Monday video that I just love!  She gives the main stories of this week's lesson so we can focus on the gospel messages instead of spend our scripture study trying to figure out what's going on.    
  • Unshaken on YouTube and podcast.   Brother Halverson is a very educated theologian, seminary and institute teacher (bonus points that he used to live in my town) that does a very in depth verse by verse study.  I like to listen to the podcast while walking my dog, working on projects and cleaning.

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