Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Radiant Orchid Felt Butterfly Wreath

Have you seen what the color of the year is?  

It's Radiant Orchid.

It's a really pretty, pinky purplish color.  But it's not a color I would normally use in my home.
Since I liked to only do projects that I can in someway use in my home, I was rather stumped coming up with a project to do with this color.

Then I decided to update the wreath on my front door.

I started with a burlap wreath.  I didn't take photos of this step.  Here is a tutorial if you need one.  
I also added a few loops of gold polka dot ribbon.  

The orchid felt I bought from my local craft store was really flimsy so I used spray adhesive 
to attach it to some stiff white felt. 

I drew a butterfly on some paper and then used it as a template to cut out some butterflies with the stiffened radiant orchid felt.  

I thought the butterflies were a little plain so I gave them a little pizzazz with 
gold and white puff paint polka dots and lines.  

I hot glued some clothespins to the bottom of the butterflies.

I clipped the butterflies to the wreath loops.  

I added a gold glitter initial and some burlap ribbon to hang the wreath.

Still want more Radiant Orchid project ideas?  

My blog friends all made some awesome projects!  Make sure to stop by their blog, check out their stuff and leave them some comment love!!

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring Mantel

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and my flowers are starting to bloom.  
I love Spring, don't you?  

Today I'm sharing my Spring Mantel.

I went with a green and yellow with small touches of blue.  

supply list
ranunculus topiary - made by me a few years ago
gold polka dot board back ground- made by me
yellow flowers in Target mason jar lid
ivy topiary- pottery barn (a few years ago)
felted wool garland- bought from a pop up sale on instagram

Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring Butterfly Specimen Art

It's not feeling very Spring-like here today.  It's rainy and cold. Boo!  
 But I'm trying to fake it by having some Spring indoors.  

So I'm sharing my latest project...

it's Butterfly Specimen Art.

I found a piece of thin wood in my stash that I gave a sloppy coat of white paint.  
I didn't even pre-sand the wood, that comes later.

I then taped off a frame around the piece of wood and painted it black.

Then I sanded the wood down to give it some character and get all of the rough spots off.

I punched some butterflies out of patterned paper and glued them onto the piece of wood.

This butterfly specimen art is a part of my Spring Mantel that I'll be back to share.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Spring!!  

Friday, March 14, 2014

spring printable

I love Winter!  I really do, especially winter in Tennessee. 
But the past few days have been beautiful here- sunshine, blue skies, birds singing, etc.  
I think I might be ready to leave winter behind and usher in the Spring!!! 

I made a little Spring Printable to adorn my mantel.  

It's hard to tell in the photo, but there is a very faint grey chevron background.  

Here is the printable.  It's a 5x7 but you could download it 
to your computer and make it any size you want. 

I printed mine as a 5x7, then backed it with a glitter green 
cardstock and put it into a rustic black frame.

My blogging friends also have some AWESOME Spring Projects! Check them out!!  

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

chevron throw pillows

While I love throw pillows, I have a few struggles with them.  
1.  It's hard to choose what color/pattern to put with our brown leather couches.
2.  I love to change pillows often, so where in the world do I store tons of unused throw pillows?  

While shopping one day, I saw some black and white chevron pillow covers.  (If you aren't a fan of chevron, I'm sorry.  I still am a fan and probably will be forever.) I thought they would go with my wall decor well, but was worried about what they would look like on my couch.  

I bought the covers anyway.  I am pretty happy with how it all looks together.  
I like the mix of patterns and textures on the brown leather.  

I used my favorite trick for pillow inserts (see this post).
I bought some inexpensive decorative pillows at Ross (2 for $13.99).  
I took off the original covers and I then had inserts for a steal of a price.  

The pillow covers are from Hobby Lobby. 
 $7.99 and then used my 40% off coupon on top of it!  Woo hoo!

Less than $15 for 2 new pillows!  When I decide to change these out, I only have to put on a new cover.  The covers will be much easier to store than the entire pillow!

Of course, these will only last a few more weeks until I decide to add some new colors when I redecorate for Spring.  Oh well!  :)

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

ribbon storage

In my craft room I have tons of ribbon.  I love all patterns and colors!!  
Because of my vast collection, I've had to come up with many 
different ways to store my precious!!

Yes, this is a huge ribbon collection.  Yes, I may have a problem!  

First of all, I store spools of ribbon on this mug tree.  
(that's an amazon affiliate link)

For the larger spools that wouldn't fit on the mug tree, I made dowel holders.

I simply drilled a hole into a circle plaque about the width of my dowel, then put some wood glue into the hole, and stuck the dowel in.  It worked really well!

Lastly for loose ribbons, I store them by color in large cookie jars. 
 I have an entire collection of these jars.  

I painted my craft room last week and am hoping to post some updated photos soon.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gallery Wall

Do you love gallery walls?  I do.  Lots!!!

I just finished a gallery in our playroom.  

I used a variety of things I had around my house in this bright and colorful collage.

My love affair with all things vintage started with this window with the original mint paint.  
For this display, I put some favorite instagram photos and a washi tape banner onto it.
Above the window is some vintage sign letters I bought at the Nashville Flea Market. 

I recently found the photos of when each of my kids were blessed as babies, and  put them into this frame. 
 I love this piece so much!!

I picked up this vintage cash register drawer at a junk shop here in the Nashville area a few years ago. 
The banner underneath is scrapbook paper hung on bakers twine and taped to the wall.  
How's that for a high tech hanging solution!?!

I was able to use my South sign (from my Utah trip).  I also framed some scrapbook paper and some favorite photos of my kids.  The red 5 sign was a gift from my sister- in-law.  I also printed off some favorite quotes and hung them on small clipboards too.  

If I were to give advice on how to do a gallery wall, I would say just give it a shot.  
Hang a few things, move around what isn't working, add to it, and take a few things away.  Mostly, just make sure to use things that have meaning to you and that you love!!