Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spring Flower Box centerpiece

It's Spring, so I'm loving all sorts of fresh plants and flowers!

Today I'm sharing a flower box centerpiece I put together for my dining room table.

centerpiece, flowers, spring

Friday, March 17, 2017

Spring pinwheel wreath


Today I'm sharing a wreath for my front door that I'm really excited about!
It's a Daffodil Pinwheel Wreath for Spring!

front door wreath, craft projects, wreath, daffodil, spring

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

St Patrick's Day ward party

St. Patrick's Day is coming up this week!

We did a little early celebrating last weekend 
with a St. Patrick's themed ward party.

rainbow party, minute to win it games, ward party

Friday, March 10, 2017

5 ways to fight mommy burnout

Hey friends!

Today I'm talking about something we women and mothers all face-
being T I R E D.
I'm not talking about having a rough night and 
not getting as much sleep as you'd like.
I'm talking about being so stressed out and maxed out 
that makes one not operate at full capacity.
I call it being burned out!  

Some of the symptoms may be
a foggy mind, irritability, impatience with things that normally 
wouldn't be bothersome, 
headaches and/or body aches and more.

We all get there from time to time.
It's just a part of life.
But just because it's normal and we all experience it, 
doesn't mean we have to accept it.

Today I'm sharing ways to combat burn out and fight back.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Memory Collection

I'm an avid memory collector!
I used to be a big time scrapbooker. 
I have albums and albums on our shelves 
full of photos, thoughts and memories.

Life is a little bit different now so I've shifted away from 
the traditional scrapbooks I used to make.
Today I'm sharing all of the ways (other than traditional scrapbooks) 
I collect memories for my family.

photo collection, memory jar, family photos

Friday, February 24, 2017

What I've been up to and Spring Inspiration

Hey friends- I'm playing catch up!

If you follow me on Instagram
you know that I flew to Las Vegas last weekend.

I rented a car.
They gave me a convertible Mustang. 
How funny is that? 
A mom who drives a mini van with 3 kids, drove a Mustang.
I drove from Vegas into Arizona for my dad's 70th birthday.

My dad didn't know I was coming. 
It was such a sweet surprise.
I LOVED spending time with my family!

I saw so many cacti while in AZ.  
I made my sister in law pull over so I could take a picture 
of this Saguaro cactus on the side of the road.

I had the BEST time on my trip!

Once I got home it was time to catch up on everything!
It's funny how being gone a few days gives you 
a new perspective and makes you want
to redo and clean up everything!
Or is that only me?  :)

We have so much junk and I am ready to get rid of everything!
Nothing is safe in this house.
I'm a cleaning tornado!

I'm also looking everywhere for inspiration,
including Pinterest.
I love this cart from Cherished Bliss
I really want to build one,  
and decorate it just like this!

I love this cute little local shop 
This picture is so inspiring!
I will be making a trip there soon for sure!

It's warm here and gets me so excited for Spring!

What have you been up to?