Monday, September 15, 2014

Teen desk with chalkboard wall

My daughter is growing up and wanted a room that reflected it.  
As much as she loved her  Paris Room, it was time for a little bit of an update.  

We started the room refresh with a new desk.

We found this awesome art cart at Goodwill.  I cleaned it up and 
gave it a fresh coat of white spray paint. 

I used a piece of MDF (that I sanded, painted and sealed) for the top and some legs 
from IKEA for the other side.  

The trays slide out, so there are lots of places for my daughters hair stuffs, 
 perfumes and craft supplies.  

We painted a chalkboard rectangle around the desk.  
Then hung some twinkle lights.  What is it about white, twinkle lights that is so fun?
We redid her memo board.  (see below) We also hung up 2 12x12 mirrors stacked on each other, and used a tall picture frame that my daughter can use as a place to write notes with a dry erase marker.  

Her memo board started as a regular cork board.  I undid the staples on the back and separated the cork from the frame. I spray painted the frame.  I covered the cork with fabric that I hot-glued a long the edges.  

When the paint was dry I put the everything back together.  
My daughter loves having a place to put all of her important notes and such!

While we were doing her desk area, we decided to organize her jewelry a bit as well.  

We bought a jewelry organizer and a long inexpensive mirror.  We also hung some string for my daughter to clip her bracelets to.  She wears jewelry much more now that she can actually see what she has.  

We've updated a few other things to her room too, so 
I'll post about those another time.  

Source list:
art cart:  Goodwill
table legs:  IKEA
chalkboard paint:  Hobby Lobby
twinkle lights:  Target
cork board:  from my daughter's room
fabric for memo board:  Hobby Lobby
spray paint:  Seaside by Rustoleum (amazon link)
12 x 12 mirrors:  IKEA
jewelry organizer:  Ross
mirror:  Target
desk chair:  Home Goods

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thrift Store Score- vintage lock boxes

One of my favorite things to do is treasure hunt at thrift and antique stores!  
A few weeks ago I totally scored at Goodwill!
I posted about my finds on instagram.  

I finally got around to using those awesome lock boxes (top, left photo) in my home.  

I used them as lamp stands on my media console.  

This lock box is a true treasure!  I got it a few years ago from my grandmother.  
It even has a paper inside with her handwriting!  It's super scratched, bent and beat up.  
Just the way I like 'em!!  

This is one of the lock boxes I found at Goodwill.  
It's not quite as beat up as the other one, but I like it all the same!

I stacked the other lock boxes on a different piece of furniture to hold a lamp.  

As for the other items in this photo, I'm starting a new collection 
of wooden cutting boards. 
 I'm not sure what I will do with the tool box, but I've learned over time to 
grab anything you love when you see it at the thrift store 
because it probably won't be there when you go back.  

How do you feel about shopping at the thrift store?  Had any luck scoring some deals?    

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Chore chart frame

My kids have started a brand new school year, with many changes!    
After a summer of no schedule and no routine I, for one, welcomed the change.
Along with changing grades and teachers, we've also updated and changed our chore chart.  

We had our old one for quite a few years.  It was working fine still, but we 
were looking for something new.   

I separated the chores to be done into daily and weekly chores in 3 different zones 
of our house: living room, bathrooms and kitchen (not pictured).

To make the chore chart I used:
an 11 x 14 frame
kraft with white polka dot wrapping paper
3 large clothespins
3 small wooden squares, painted with chalk paint
chalk pen
glue gun

I put the wrapping paper into the picture frame.  
Then I hot glued the clothespins to the front of the frame on the glass.  
Then I hot glued the chalkboard squares and wrote my kids' initials with a chalk pen.
I printed out the jobs for each zone and clipped it to the appropriate child's pin.  
We will rotate zones each week.  

My kids will earn an allowance according to how they keep up with their zones.  
We also wanted a way for them to earn extra money.  So we did a 'chores for hire' board.
I stapled some ribbon to the back of a long frame.  
Now I have a place to clip up some extra jobs and how much each job is worth.  

We are still in the first week of trying our new system.  But so far it is working pretty well!

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Built in shelves and cupboard

I'm back- finally!!  
My kids are back in school and I'm happy to be doing projects again!  

The first project I tackled is this recessed nook in my dining room.

This is what the nook looked like before.  A few years ago, when I didn't 
really know what I was doing with DIY, I threw up these shelves and 
plopped down an ill- fitting red cupboard.  Redoing this space has been on my
to-do list for a while.

I removed the shelves, the cupboard and the baseboards.  I used this tutorial for the baseboards.  

It wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be.
I used a utility knife, a 5 in 1 paint tool, a pry bar and a hammer, just like the tutorial said.

I measured everything, drew a diagram and headed to the hardware store for supplies.  

I found a store employee and asked tons of questions.  Once we nailed down 
all of the details of the plan, I purchased all of my supplies and headed home.  
The supplies I used are:
-a pre-made kitchen wall cupboard
-2x4 for underneath the cabinet
-1x8 pine board for shelves
-1x3 poplar board for the trim on the front of the shelves
-various pieces of trim to fill in the gaps between the cupboard and the wall
-furniture grade plank of wood cut down to size for the top of the cupboard
-baseboard trim
-caulk and wood glue

The cupboard fit almost perfectly.  I built a base for it to sit on out of 2 x 4's. 
 I essentially just made a stand for the cupboard to sit on.  

For the shelves, I pulled out Bitsy, my miter saw.  
I cut the 1 x 8 and 1 x 3's down to the size of my recess.  
Since the walls weren't exactly square, I measured the space for each shelf individually because all of the measurements were different. 

To make the shelves:  I ran a bead of glue all along the side of the 1 x 8.  
Then I set the 1 x 3 on top of the 1 x 8 and drilled a small pilot hole so the 
nail wouldn't split the wood.  Then I tapped in the nails.  

After the glue dried, I sanded the entire shelf. 
I tried them out in the space and thought they looked pretty good.   

I stained the shelves with Minwax Red Mahogany stain.
I also stained the wood for the top of cupboard.  While that was drying I painted the 
cupboard with black, satin paint.

I sat the shelves on top of  cleats in the wall.  
The cleats are 1 x 2's cut down, screwed into the wall and painted the wall color. 
I also installed the top of the cupboard with screws from inside the cabinet.  

I cut new baseboard molding to go all the way around the cupboard.  Baseboard
 molding wouldn't fit underneath the cabinet, so I just used some 1x2 white mdf trim.  
I then calked all the seams and the nail holes.  

 Here is the finished product.  
The biggest compliments I received are from my son and my husband 
who both said that it looks like the shelves and cupboard have always been there.  Yay!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Harry Potter book page candle/candy jar

Today I'm sharing a Harry Potter themed candle/candy jar.

The supplies I used are:  
an old banged up copy of the first Harry Potter book
a clean jar (I removed the label and ran an empty jelly jar through the dishwasher) 
an exacto knife
mod podge

I'm sure there are some of you that are cringing that I used an actual book, but this one was well LOVED (aka beat up) and I have another pristine copy of the book!

I drew a lightening bolt onto one of the pages and cut it out with an exacto knife.

I mod podged the lightening bolt book page onto the jar and then tied some ribbons around the top.  

The jar can be used to hold candy (like yummy Hi-Chew's),

or it can hold a tea light.  The lightening bolt looks so cool with the back light.  

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Harry Potter feather necklace

Harry Potter is my fave!  
I've read all of the books multiple times and my kids and I watch the movies on a regular basis.
We are all BIG fans!  

We've been to the World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Florida.

Last year my daughter had a Harry Potter birthday party.  It was so much fun!  

This week is Harry Potter's birthday.  So I made a few projects with the HP theme!

The first project I did is this Wingardium Leviosa feather necklace.
If you haven't read the HP books, Wingardium Leviosa is a charm that the wizarding students 
cast to make a feather float.

For this project I used a wooden feather necklace (from Michaels), a necklace pendant blank (amazon link) and the page in the Harry Potter book where it actually says, "Wingardium Leviosa."  

I cut out the section in the book that I wanted and glued it to the inside of the necklace blank.  
Then I covered the words "Wingardium Leviosa" with Glossy Accents (amazon link)
I waited for that to dry.

Then I filled in the rest of the pendant blank with glossy accents and sprinkled gold glitter into it.  
Then I let that dry. Don't try to brush the excess glitter off until its entirely dry and set.  Give at least 5 hours or so.  I may have tried to brush it off early and messed up the surface a bit.  

I took the feather necklace apart and discarded the chain.  

I strung the pendant onto a different necklace chain along with the wooden feather.

It's a fun little necklace that shows my love of Harry Potter!