Friday, April 20, 2018

What to take with you to the Flea Market

It's Spring
so that means Flea Market season!

Have you ever wondered what to take with 
you to the Flea Market?

Well, if you have, you've come to the right place!

What to take with you to the Flea Market.  List of items to take with you to the flea market to make your trip more enjoyable!

My local flea market is the Nashville Flea Market.  
It is held at the Nashville Fairgrounds.
The parking lot is at street level,
but the fairgrounds are quite a hike up a hill.
Wearing comfy shoes is a must!!! 

What to take with you to the Flea Market.  What to take with you when you visit the Nashville Flea Market

It is so worth that hike up the hill
because the Nashville Flea Market is AWESOME!!
There are many vendors inside,
in climate controlled buildings,
and a bunch outside.

The weather in Nashville can be a little unpredictable.
It could be hot and it could be chilly.
So I always check the weather and wear layers.

I always take a cart to haul all of my treasures.

I actually bought this vintage shopping cart at the flea market.  

I sprayed some sealer on it to keep the rust 
from getting on everything.

It folds flat to store easily.

I like to stick a reusable shopping back down 
in the bottom of the cart to keep my purchases from falling
through the holes.

The next time I go to the flea market (4th weekend of the month)
I am going to take this wagon for a test drive.

It's so easy to pull and I think I can fit more stuff in it!

It also folds flat for storage.

Rather than carry a purse, I carry a simple tote bag.
It can haul my wallet and all of my other essential items,
as well as any small purchases.

This tote bag is my favorite!
Look at how small my babes were!

The most important thing to bring is CASH!
Some vendors take cards, 
but cash is always king!
There is an ATM at the flea market if you forget, or need more.

Most of my favorite booths are outside
in the animal stalls.
That means there is a lot of dirt and a lot of dust.
I always bring hand sanitizer and wipes to keep my hands clean.

There are also bathrooms inside the buildings with running water.

A tape measure is a good thing
to have on hand to measure your purchases.
Nothing worse than buying something and figuring out it won't fit 
in the spot you have planned for it, or even worse, 
not fit in your vehicle to take it home!

I always bring a water bottle and a few snacks.
Food and drinks are for sale at the flea market,
but I'd rather save my money to score treasures!


I have had the best time
and found the best stuff at the Nashville Flea Market.

The flea market is such a good place to score
one of a kind treasures.

I found all of these vintage lamp pieces!

I used them to make Repurposed metal candle holders.

I can't wait to see what I find on my next trip!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Game Night Party

Do you want to host an event for 
your friends or a large group?

Host a game night!

Game Night - game night, ward party ideas for food, decorations, and games

For any party I am throwing, the 
first thing I start with is the invitation!

Game Night, Ward Party- ideas for invitation, food, decorations, and games

I found some scrabble tiles
and chess pieces on the internet.  
I googled "free game piece png"

A png is like a digital sticker.
It has a transparent back ground.
It's easy to add to an invitation 
in photo editing software.
(I use Pic Monkey, which is free)


This post contains amazon affiliate links.*

This party was held at my church.

Game Night, Ward Party, DIY large dice, decorations

I made dice by wrapping 12 x 12 boxes with
Then I used a large circle punch*
to create circles for the dice.

Game Night, Ward Party, welcome sign, ideas for invitations, food, decorations and games

I used a foam core board to make a Welcome Sign.
I cut colored cardstock into squares
and wrote the words with markers.*

Game Night, Ward Party ideas for decor, name badges, food and games

I used a game board,
my lightbox*, a jar of vintage game pieces
for the greeting table.
I used labels* for name badges.

Our ward (church congregation) just split.  
This is the first time a bunch of new people
have gotten together so it helped to have name badges.

Game Night, Ward Party- ideas for food, invitations, decorations and games

Decoration ideas

I used a rag banner (tied strips of fabric to twine).
I printed large scrabble letters and clipped them to yarn.
I also used a felt pennant banner  
that was made from inexpensive felt sheets sewn to ribbon.

All of the guests brought appetizers and desserts to share.

As a host, don't forget to provide:

and drinks.
I always use bottled water
because it's inexpensive and easy
to serve to a large group!

Appetizer ideas

veggie and fruit tray
salsa and chips

On the tables,
I used white table cloths.
For centerpieces I used board games.
It's a fun and functional centerpiece!
Games were played in small groups at the tables.

We also played 
It was SO entertaining to laugh with friends!


This party for a very enjoyable evening!
I totally recommend having a game night!

Friday, April 13, 2018

How to Declutter your home for Spring

It's the time of year to clean,
clear out the clutter and
get your home free of junk!

That's really easy to say,
but not so easy to do!

Where does one start when faced with an area,
a room or even a house that needs decluttering?

How to Declutter for Spring, clean up any area in your home with these tips

If you want to declutter
and don't know where to begin,
let me tell you my process for
clearing out closets, drawers and everything else.

First of all,

Get 3 boxes, baskets or even blankets
and put a sign on each one.
Put the 3 baskets into the room that you are cleaning.

Start with one pile (or drawer),
in one corner, in one room.

Go through each and every item.
Make a quick decision and put it into
one of 3 baskets:

Keep, Donate or Toss.

Don't take too long to think about where
to put each item.
You can evaluate again later.


Items to keep:
items that you currently use, 
items that you have a plan for using,
or items that are sentimental.

All keep items MUST have a place to
go, or you cannot keep them.


Items to donate: 
items that are in decent condition
but are no longer useful in your home
such as:  toys, games,
clothes that no longer fit or that are no longer worn,
housewares, furniture, decor, dishes, etc.

A good rule of thumb is to donate
anything that you 
have not used in one year.

If the item in your donate pile is in 
great condition,
you could try selling it in on a Facebook sale page.


Throw away anything broken,
out of date or non repairable.


After the initial sort,
go through your keep pile again.  
It will most likely be the biggest
because we get emotionally attached to our possessions.

Go through the pile a few times 
and pare down the items you would like to keep 
and those you can part with.

Keep in mind the space 
that you will use to store the keep items.

If you have sentimental attachment to things,
but don't have the room to store them,
take a photo and then donate the actual item.
It's the memory of the item you want to hang
on to, not necessarily the stuff.

I am a fairly sentimental person,
so I have to be very intentional with the stuff I save!

My kids each have 2 totes.
One is full of sentimental baby/child items.
The other is filled with file folders for documents and papers.
That's it.

I am also working on paring down
the amount of home decor, holiday decor
and everything else that clogs up my house.


After you have finished going through the 
Keep pile, move to the donate pile.

It is important to 
take action on your donate pile
as soon as possible, or it will
become another pile, and you will 
have to go through this process again.

I bag my donate pile up immediately
and put it in my trunk.
Then I can go through the thrift store drop off
on my way to school pick up or other errands.


After you have taken care of your donate pile,
move to the trash pile.

Immediately bag all trash
and dispose of it.


Now you can move onto another area of your home.
Repeat this process over and over again
until you have cleaned everything!

clean house = clear mind!

For more cleaning ideas, you can check out:

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Floral and Greenery Spring Mantel

Floral and Greenery Spring Mantel

Floral and Greenery Spring Mantel- decorate your home with farmhouse spring charm using faux greenery, faux lavender and a branch from your yard!


With all of the Spring plant posts
I've done lately, 

I'm going to be the crazy plant lady!
I can't help it.
After a long winter, I love filling my 
home with green and life.
Or at least plants that look alive!

Floral and Greenery Spring Mantel- decorate your home with farmhouse spring charm using faux greenery, faux lavender and a branch from your yard!

Inspired by a display I saw at a local market,
I decided to add some greenery, faux lavender
and hanging watering cans to my mantel for spring.

I bought some mini watering cans from Hobby Lobby.
They looked too new,
 so I distressed them a bit by wiping  
a bit of brown, white and black craft paint
on them with a paper towel.

I made a chicken wire message board years ago
(so long ago that the photos are terrible)
from hardware store chicken wire and 
canvas frame stretchers.

I used a garland from Hobby lobby to drape
over the top of my mantel.
It is held in place with push pins.

At the top, I used a branch from my 
yard, hung with clear command hooks.

I hung the watering cans with cotton twine.

I filled the watering cans with faux lavender.

 I bought this Spring metal sign.

To antique it a bit,
I sprayed it with textured spray paint.
I used little metal clips to
attach it to the chicken wire.

A fun mantel for Spring!


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Friday, April 6, 2018

Repurposed Metal and Spindle Candle Holders

Candice is my name
and junkin is my game!

I love the thrill of the hunt
and I love repurposing my found treasures 
into other things.

One of my fave things lately
is repurposing old lamp parts,
light fixtures and spindles 
into candle holders.

repurposed metal and spindle candle holders, farmhouse, vintage

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Lavender Spring Wreath

Hey friends!
Happy April!

At this time of year,
I'm loving all the green grass , flowers and everything else springy-
including this Lavender Wreath I made for my front door.

wreath, lavender, Spring, front door

Friday, March 30, 2018

End of the month - March Favorites

I blinked and here it is-
only ONE more day of March!
How in the world did that happen?

It's kind of a blur.
I'm glad I have these monthly recap posts to remind me!